Easy Scoreboards [v2.5.1]


Hi do any Pixelmon Related Placeholders exist?


Nope lol this is a sponge plugin not a pixelmon one


I'm aware of that it was just a general question if they existed or not and where supported by your scoreboard.


Could you PM me on how to get this placeholder to work?


New Version 2.1.0

  • Support for the PlaceholderAPI
  • Manually chose that update time for the scoreboard via config
  • Under the hood improvements

Get the latest release here.


Wow. Amazing support the PlaceholderAPI. Good this plugin.


I need support multiple value in one line of scoreboard but one value is normally. I use PlaceholderAPI 3.8 for expansion available value latest.

example one line :
number = "1, text = Online : %server_online% / %server_max_players%"
Result show in scoreboard is Online : 2 / 20.

How to set config of easy scoreboard for multiple value in one line ?


Could you specify what you want exactly?

If this is what you want, it should work now in version 2.1.1. There was a bug in the previous version that caused the line to break, but I fixed it.


Still getting kicked on death unfortunately with v2.1.1 and SF3 modpack (also occurs on Direwolf20 modpack)
Default config

Only thing in the console is this:


when there is no active countdown timer; why does is not say 0:00?

figured it out why by reading above but i still think it should formate to 0:00 rather then 00


This is the error that players receive upon being kicked from the server I went and checked my own log to get this error report.


please add a reload command. :confused: /sponge plugins reload will not work for those of us using virtualtool because it crashes every time that plugin gets reloaded that way. The developer doesn't seem to be doing anything about the crash but we do still use the plugin. just hard to reload other plugins that require 'sponge plugins reload'


Yeah an individual reload command for the plugin is always good.


are there any pixelmon related placeholders?


There are currently none.


There seems to be client-crashes when a line on the scoreboard is longer than the maximum expected character count (16 I believe, needs testing).

Can you implement a length limitation to prevent this issue?


Having an issue when I do, /esb clear. The scoreboards vanish and do not come back no matter if I relog. Any help?


The command erases your Scoreboard config. You might be looking for /esb hide and /esb show to hide the scoreboard and to have it come back.


Is there a way to reposition the scoreboard? Some players are bothered by the position of the scoreboard and I was wondering if its possible to make it moveable?


No! the scoreboard position is vanilla. One tip I have for your players though, generally anyone bothered by the position of the scoreboard, doesn’t realize you can override the UI scaling to Medium which gives you a lot of screen real estate back.