Easy To Find a Plugin

I suggest that you could find a plugin that you want super easily through a plugin filter. With Bukkit it was kind of hard to find exactly what you wanted. I was thinking there could be an advanced search to find exactly what you want in a plugin. I found it frustrating with Bukkit.


I totally agree with that. Even though Bukkit had certain plugin categories, it was still confusing.

Yes, Sponge will have KitchenSink (I think it’s called) that will be the same as Bukkit Dev.

Like this: modlist.mcf.li/version/1.7.10


There’s also topics already made about this.

That’s not official.

And Sometime dev posting in wrong section making it worse !
UP ! for this idiea

What’s the latest news on Soak? I was quite fond of that idea :smile:

I guess more categories should fix it.

The problem with the BukkitDev plugin list is that the developers used too many categories for their plugins. This just saturates the lists making them useless. The categories should either have to be approved or limited to how many you can select.

This is easily achieved by allowing authors to specify their own tags for their plugins. For example, with Kits, I would specify the “Kit” and “GUI” tags, as Kits is a Kit plugin with a GUI.

There could perhaps be a feature allowing user-submitted tags.

A feature which could enhance the searching of plugins could be to specify flags for tags. For example, if I wanted a Kit plugin with a GUI which didn’t have custom classes or alter the damage of weapons, I would enter “kit -classes +GUI”.


Maybe make it that you can only add 2 tags/categories. And a (good) search engine for it.

No, because user-submitted tags didnt seem to work in Steam :S

Report false tags/similar is a must. Someone might abuse tagging system to gain more views.

I wonder if Essentials-like plugins should be able to put all their features in tags? Like kit, economy, administration, blaa, blaa.