I am a small-time streamer/content creator in the realm of twitch and youtube. I am apart of many communities and was apart of a server for a larger streamer who really didn’t go very long. It was very fun, and the server I am wanting to make it for myself and those who felt like this server could’ve gon far.

Work Needed
I am looking for people who could;

  1. Help Establish the Roles
  2. Make a custom NPC Shop
  3. Make the Economy (Banks, Personal balances, etc) based on the Good Ol’ Currency Mod.
  4. Decaying Items?

I am fairly adjustable to a budget and believe in paying people what they deserve. I am not incredibly wealthy, but I can definitely work on a plan.

This would be a semi-long-term project if you are not comfortable at any time to feel free to speak with me or a member of staff about your concerns. This project will remain within the hands of the server, but we’ll allow for use of portfolios and anything you want to do, you may ask.

Please contact me @Storkclips#8797 or email me if it is more comfortable…

Send you a friendrequest on discord. :slight_smile: