[Economy] Total Economy v1.7.1


Works like a charm! Can you improve view balance functionality to see the balance on virtual accounts too?


I will add this to the GitHub page so I remember to add it in the next update.


Another thought: Some sort of repair/craftsman job? For repairing things on an anvil...


Great idea. I will add this to the GitHub page. Thanks.


Does adminpay work with @p?


Is that for command blocks? If so, I have not tested it. I do not see why it would not work though, especially if you can run commands through command blocks by default. I would give it a shot and see what happens.


It does not payout through a command block when i do the following:

adminpay @p 100


Hmm. I will check this out on my end and see if I can fix/add it.


I believe I had tried paying someone through command block and it did not work, but I don't remember which economy mod I used. I'll also test out. Being able to pay someone through command block would be nice. Also, any idea when you will be adding sql support? It would be nice to persist the economy data on another server so that multiple servers could access it.

Thanks for the mod.

Created a command block with lever and used /adminpay @p 100. Looks like it is not recognizing the minecraft selectors. Works with /adminpay player 100.


I do plan on adding SQL support but not sure when I will. Since people are wanting it, I will work on getting it out in hopefully the next update. Thanks for testing out the command block, I will see if I can change the code to work with the selectors.


Can you add functionality for checking the balance of a virtual account?


Of course. Forgot about that one. Thanks.


I have a PR that adds selector support to commands, but it pretty much froze.


Is there a way to set a default salary for members and for admins?


Currently the default salary is the same for every group. This may be changed though if it is something a lot of people want.


you could do what @HassanS6000 does in his plugin PayDay and get an option from the player called salary, options are pretty easy to do and i have used them for a custom server plugin that lists online staff members


I will definitely look into this. Thanks for the info.


is there a way to change how much the salary amount is?


Yes there is. For each job, in the jobs configuration file, there is a salary property that can be set. This, plus more information regarding Total Economy can be found on the Wiki page.


When will the next update come along? Really wanna see what's inside my Polis account, and really want a craftsman job :stuck_out_tongue: