I think you should really read the wiki, this is not plug and play plugin. Your database.properties is generated default, it wont simply work on your machine. Those settings are settings for my localhost database. The generated file is only template for others.
change these:
hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto: create

Im 100% sure those are not your database credentials :^)
hibernate.hikari.username = postgres
hibernate.hikari.password = chleba

Is your database hosted on localhost and is listening on 5432 port? (default port for postgres)

This is again defaut, You have to change this value to match your database name.

  • Are you sure you are using postgre sql? Almost all minecraft server hostings offer you only mysql.

Hi , I know this is not a plugin plug and play ! : s I just trying to understand everything well and use it to the maximum. I’ll start from scratch with your latest information and I 'll be back . Thank’s for your time.

Hi, I finally started my database correctly. I’m using Mysql and this is my setup.

hibernate.dialect= org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect
hibernate.connection.username = JiPi
hibernate.connection.password = *****

Now, I have another error http://pastebin.com/yhy3GjKY

um, yep this seems finally like an issue on my side. For now delete content of the file Main.js (but not the file itself) in NtRpg folder. I will fix this later today.


  • Fixed issues with Main.js file
  • Updated loading of races - its required to define allowed classes for each race.

@Lord_Munster You can either delete folder scripts, the new version will generate correct main.js now, or replace content of the main.js file with this

Client side Guis

Client side gui is using @djxy 's mod. Version 2.0.3+ required [Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager

Small sneak peak of the first feature - manabar.

Without the gui mod mana status is printed into chat. Thanks to djxy for pr.


It’s working now. Cool !!! Thank you for fixed the issue. I can explore your plugin and having fun with joy. Thank you

This plugin is great! <3 <3

I finally updated repository with skills

You can find here examples of skills written java and javasrcipt. Once the plugin become more stable and finished i have plans to exapnd this pack and add more skills.

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It’s just like you said this is not a plug and play plugin. I’m sure it’s great but i just can dream of it because i’m way to stupid to get it started -.-

feel free to ask anything here

the problem is i don’t even know what to ask because i don’t know what should happen. I can’t imagine how this works.:'D

Well… have you tried to read my first post in this thread or plugin wiki

Both plugins (NTCore, NTRpg) updated to spongeapi 4.0.+

A small update - Without fully implemented inventory api i cant do much work, so i decided to start a small sideproject.

The bad news - I havent found a way how to display readable skilltree inside minecraftclient (without mods)
The good news - im working on an extension which will fix this issue.

The extension contains a webserver which is used to provide a rest api. Currently i embeded jboss’ resteasy which wont be used in the final version (too much dependencies). It will be replaced with something smaller eg apache/nanohttpd … im still looking for some alternatives, im also very lazy so i would prefer something what implements jsr311. (And i also hope forge lets me load a javax. package, sometimes i found forge quite stupid)

The frontend is build on http://www.cytoscape.org/ and jquery

The communication is based on oauth standart

sneak peak:
(icons are taken from game diablo2)

Basically player logs in(mc server) and opens a website, where he fills a login form (name, server url). Once the form is submitted the player recieves a server message ingame, which contains his token (± 10 chars). Player has to write the token into another form on the website. Once its done server sends data which contains a skilltree, and some more stuff such as icon urls, avalaible skillpoints… Once the graph is built player can interact with the tree - hoverering mouse over icon displays more detailed information about skill, leftclicking on an icon makes player learn a skill and the action is immediantly displayed ingame.

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Nice plugin. Many RPG plugins like McMMO and Custom Enchants and things like guilds and races. This plugin is the best plugin on Sponge and Bukkit so far for RPG. So much greatness

nice plugin. I hope you can accomplish it .

sure i can (:.
Currently im fixing some bugs, and improving the plugin flexibility. Before i post beta version here(ore repository) sponge has to add events for toggling on and off dualwielding. Last time i checked it has not been finished yet.

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hey really like where this is heading
Though I can’t get it to start, does it not work on newer spongeforge? I am using SpongeForge 2117 ?
here are the two errors I get during startup


java.lang.InstantiationException: org.hibernate.SessionFactory

This means you did not setup hibernate correctly (=persistance).
It seems you installed NTCore, however connection to your database is not correct.
Check file sponge/config/ntcore/database.properties

see https://github.com/NeumimTo/NT-RPG/wiki/Setting-up-a-database - for more informations. If it wont help post here type of database you are going to use. It may be a bit tricky to setup Hikari cp and Hibernate together, for every database you will need a little bit different config file ( eg.: package of jdbc, …).

Also which version of plugin are you trying to use? Currently you have to build from source … branch 1.0.4.
Github releases which you can download are not up to date.