Emoticons & You

Is there a way to disable these emoticon things either per-thread or globally for a user? (emoji maybe?)

I really prefer :P to :stuck_out_tongue: myself :confused:

(note, the & You in the title is there because ‘Emoticons’ was too short for discourse to accept. This isn’t an explanatory thread or anything.)

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:P @phroa, you gotta learn to get around it for now. :)


yeah that’s too much work

:<W>P Markdown is love. <3 The w is there because it’s easy to reach, and it’s capitalized because letting go of shift is too much of a bother.

What is <W> for?
also, random stuff here because discourse limits

What, you don’t like the cracked out emoticons?!

Why would anyone? :elephant:


What about these? http://www.dlanham.com/ui/riceballs/

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Actually, those look really nice. I’d prefer those over what we have now… but I’ll always prefer plain text emoticons ;P

Also, thanks for this:

I’ll use that often :D

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Look at what I found, guys!

@riking nudge nudge


Probably a noob question, but how does your Discourse look like that? I don’t have a toolbar, only a list button for navigation in the top right…

That looks like an administration panel to me.

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That’s the admin panel for the test forums that @riking allowed me to use to create the forum theme. :) I figured I’d take a peek where I could to see if it was possible.

I never had a problem with emoticons… c^:


Looks great to me. I prefer that over the current design by a lot!

that creates an empty markdown tab. but because it’s not really markdown, it doesn’t register as anything. To the emoji replacer, though, :<W>) doesn’t equal anything, since it was looking for :), and ends up creating :) ← that.

What no? Emojis are amazing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but :slight_smile: :) is definitely happier than :smiley: :D, which makes no sense… and :stuck_out_tongue: just looks semi-evil…

Emoticons give the forums character ;3

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yeah I don’t like them very much, can you tell? :expressionless:

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