Enhancements for Modded Servers

I’m an OP on Biffa2001’s servers and the last two days he’s tasked me with finding something like CoreProtect to run on our modded server. We’ve used CP for the last couple of years with great success, but he wants to run a 1.10 modpack and without Cauldron, there’s no CP. We’ve only ever needed the logging feature, and that’s all we’re really looking for now. Well, that and the ability to review the logs for a block in game. There are a number of plugins I’ve looked at that have this functionality, but they also include interaction restrictions that break mods.

The only other thing that would be handy, but not necessary, would be some form of area claiming without the usual restriction of user interaction in the claimed area. It would be handy to help users space their bases apart. It’s pretty common for people to build farms at their bases and keeping them well apart helps reduce issues of inadvertantly loading poorly done redstone or the like. My thought is that the OPs could define a banner (hold a banner with a design and run a command) then provide those banners to the community to claim a radius of 300 blocks centered on the block where the banner is placed. Adding an entering and leaving message would also be handy.

I think it’s awesome that the Sponge community is making plugins available within Forge, but I’d like to see more plugins that can run alongside mods without one harming the functionality of the other.

I think the best bet you have for a logging plugin is going to be Prism (Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta). It should function similarly to CoreProtect but is updated for Sponge.

As for protection plugins, you should consider looking at GriefPrevention (GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support). It allows users to claim areas of land, similar to what you want. You can control how people claim land and who claims it, and the people who own land can control who builds, farms, etc. in the regions. I am not sure that you can have entering/leaving messages but it should cover everything else.

I have played on modded servers before Sponge and GriefPrevention was on them, which means that with Sponge it will work properly alongside the mods you have. As for Prism, I believe it is being rewritten and so it should have support. You can always ask the authors if they have mod support though.

Thanks for the response! I’ll take a look at Prism.

As for GriefPrevention, I spent about 24 hours over 2 days trying to get GP to work with the modpack we’re going to be using and encountered a lot of really odd issues I couldn’t resolve. No matter what I did players couldn’t interact with gravestones (which collect and protect their items when they die.) Traveling from the Nether back to the Overworld would generate a new portal in the overworld a couple of chunks away from the original. I couldn’t enable travel to other dimensions, and when I asked on GP’s thread about these issues my question went unacknowledged and unanswered. On top of that leaves wouldn’t deteriorate, and depending on the type of tree, vanilla or Biomes O’ Plenty, they couldn’t be broken by players. I tried adding wildcards and ‘any’ permissions, but nothing worked.

You’re welcome!

It’s odd that GP didn’t work with mods, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about that. I have tried to find similar plugins to GP, and here are my results:

🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible) (should work in 1.10 but only shows 1.9.4 and 1.8.9)
[API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution (more like WG than GP but could probably be worked with to attain similar features)
[Release] PlotSquared - Grief Protection | Multi-World Management | World Generators | Survival + Creative

Hopefully these can help you, however I don’t think there are many plugins quite like GriefPrevention in what you seek. I would try to code a protection plugin myself, however I am not sure how to go about doing it.

That issue has been recently fixed in Sponge. As for your other issues, I would strongly advice talking to @blood about them.

I took a look at those and really what I’m looking for would be land claiming without claim protection. The goal would be to provide a simple way for player’s bases not to be too close to each other. Right now we have a sticky reddit post where people log the coordinates of their bases and ask people to check their base locations against the post, which not everyone does. It’s not a high priority, really, would just be handy.

Actually, looking around the forums and taking a look at our test server logs, we seem to be having the issue discussed here: Dimensional issues - #8 by tresty