[Release] PlotSquared - Grief Protection | Multi-World Management | World Generators | Survival + Creative


Recommended versions:

Download PlotSquared-Sponge


Download PEX - Manage permissions
Download WorldEdit - WorldEdit is restricted to plots
Download a survival world template - See below for installation instructions


I have ported the core of PlotSquared to SpongeAPI. This is very much a work in progress, but you are free to try it out and give us feedback.

What is PlotSquared?

PlotSquared is a self serve land claiming and protection system made by Citymonstret and I.
Usage: “/plot claim” or “/plot auto” to get a peice of land (the size is configured per world). It’s simple to create a plot area, either as a full world, or as a small section in an existing world. Plots can be anywhere from vanilla terrain to flat with roads.


  • In built plot downloading + cross server saving and loading + web interfaces
  • [WIP] Plot swapping / copying and cross world plot moving
  • Plot merging, your own plots or between friends
  • Extensive flag system so you can decide what should be protected on a per world, or per plot basis
  • Plot entry notifications (titles)
  • Economy support
  • [WIP] Per plot time, weather and music
  • Add custom roads to existing maps to make them look nicer
  • Recolor all text easily and configure additional messages however you want
  • Dynamic world border to prevent excessive exploring
  • Mob protection and per plot mob limiting
  • Interactive commands such as plot listing
  • [WIP] Plot rating, ranking, complexity analysis, and auto clearing calibration
  • Use javascript to add new commands or script simple things like auto merging all plots
  • Plot schematic saving, loading and pasting as well as BO3 exporting
  • Per player settings such as plot chat and entry notifications
  • World creation either with project worlds, /plot setup, /plot area, or manual yml configuration
  • Command recommendation if you mistype something
  • Plot commenting and inboxes
  • [WIP] World auto trimming which reduces the CPU and disk usage when people explore
  • [WIP] Pistons and Sand/TNT cannons are properly restricted
  • [WIP] Per plot redstone settings
  • Optional fast async worldediting
  • WorldEdit restricted to plots
  • [WIP] VoxelSniper restricted to plots
  • [WIP] Chunk processing to safely unload dangerous chunks (also processes WorldEdit commands)
  • Component setting (floor, wall, border)
  • Section off areas (e.g. an area for donators) with plot clusters, or add plot clusters to vanilla worlds
  • [WIP] Use holograms instead of signs if you want
  • Four tiers of plot allowance: Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied
  • Plot naming (for teleportation)
  • Configurable command confirmation (e.g. for /plot clear)
  • Manage islands, skyblock, vanilla worlds, or certain sections of worlds as plots
  • [WIP] Plot biome generation
  • A lot of generators, and settings to choose from


Download the required files

Download and install sponge:

Download the latest version of PlotSquared (this will go in mods folder if you are using SpongeForge)
Download PlotSquared-Sponge

Generate the configuration

Run the server once to generate the required configuration files.
In the PlotSquared folder there are translation options, as well as storage options if you want to use MySQL instead of SQLite.

Options 1: Templates

Worlds can be created from premade template files (which are essentially just the configuration you see below inside a zip)

Option 2: Setup command
  • Use /plot setup
  • Follow the prompts in chat
  • Teleport to the new world with /plot visit ;0;0
Option 3: Area command

/plot area create <world>:<areaid> <modifiers>
/plot area create pos1
/plot area create pos2
/plot area confirm

  • size
  • gap
  • terrain (0 = flat, 1=flat + ores, 2=roads, 3=no change)
  • type (0 = standard, 1 = augmented full, 2 = augmented partial)
  • main
  • floor
  • wall
  • border
Option 4: Manual installation

Simply adding a section for the world in the PlotSquared settings.yml will have it create during startup. Below is an example of a standard flat plot world and it’s settings:
Example configuration:


  # The name of the world
      height: 64
      # You can use multiple values for plot floor
      # You may also use percentages e.g. 5%<block>
      - '2'
      biome: FOREST
      size: 32
      bedrock: true
      create_signs: true
      - '3'
      auto_merge: false
      allow-nonmembers: false
      default: side
      height: 64
      filling: '1:0'
      block_claimed: '44:1'
      block: '44'
      height: 64
      width: 7
      block: '5'
      # The dynamic world border will prevent exploration beyond the current layer of plots
      border: false
      max_height: 256
      gamemode: creative
      max-members: 128
      enabled: false
    flags: {}
    natural_mob_spawning: false
    # The following section is optional, and is used for augmented, vanilla, or partial world creation
      # 0 = Plot world | 1 = Augmented | 2 = Clusters
      type: 0
      # (only used if augmented or cluster)
      # 0 = No terrain (flat plots) | 1 = Flat plots + ores | 2 = Roads + vanilla terrain | 3 = Entirely vanilla terrain
      terrain: 0
      # The generator to use, currently only 1 option
      plugin: PlotSquared


Plot road schematics

No setup required: /plot download

Plot merging into any shape

Type/Terrain:1/2: Augmented plot world with vanilla terrain and roads

A world can have multiple plot areas


WorldEdit masking / Experimental fast async WorldEdit (works best with AsyncWorldEdit also insalled)

Useful links:



Development builds:
Jenkins link


There are several economy plugins and there will be an Economyservice, have a look at:

Just have a look at the plugin releases category (where you posted plotsquared/this thread), you’ll notice for ex. total economy and a few other economy plugins :smile:

Neat. I’ll add support as soon as the EconomyService API is complete.

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I’m trying to get this plugin to work on my server and I’m having troubles.

When i first did it, everytime i restarted the server after adding the world to the config and removing the region files to generate a plot world the server would load PlotSquared and then just freeze.

I have updated to build 137, I’m using the same sponge as in your screenshot above and all I keep getting is this (below) whenever I issue any command.

31.07 21:38:17 [Server] INFO at com.intellectualcrafters.plot.util.helpmenu.HelpMenu.getCommands(HelpMenu.java:30) ~[HelpMenu.class:?]
31.07 21:38:17 [Server] INFO at com.intellectualcrafters.plot.commands.MainCommand.getCommands(MainCommand.java:144) ~[MainCommand.class:?]
31.07 21:38:17 [Server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException
31.07 21:38:17 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [Sponge]: Error occurred while executing command ‘plots help all’ for source EntityPlayerMP[‘nettyneets’/1846, l=‘world’, x=-7.50, y=76.00, z=-5.50]: null

This plugin looks really good and is literally the last thing that I need to get working for my server to go up so I would really appreciate your help in case it’s something that I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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Yep, I managed to break everything in a new commit. The latest download should fix that, but just know that the sponge version is not complete, nor stable. If you do find more bugs, we can try to fix it, but for some things we may be forced to slap on a “work in progress” message if the sponge API doesn’t support it yet.

If you get the freeze up again, could you send a server log so I can see what might be causing it?


Thank you, that fixed all the issues!

The problem I’m having now is that item drops are disabled in the plotworld and the item-drop flag doesn’t seem to fix it.

Breaking blocks which are there as well as throwing items out of your inventory just makes them dissapear.

Would it also be possible to fix the disable-physics and redstone to allow water flow? otherwise farms are pretty much impossible in the plot world. Thanks so much for your great work :smiley:

Yes, come on IRC and we can discuss.

What is the newest version of Sponge this can currently work with?

I haven’t tested recently, but the versions shown in the screenshots should work. Sponge is pretty unstable right now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t working with the latest version anymore.

Edit: Can you implement a command where you can turn hunger on and off in these worlds created?

How would one get back to the original world (leave the plot world)

Are Mobs Disabled and or can we have “Peaceful” Mobs Spawn only.

(can’t throw out my Pixelmon while testing)

Please update to the recommended versions stated above.

  • This will fix several bugs

Set natural_mob_spawning to true in the settings.yml for the plotworld.

  • This will enable mob spawning, more control will will be added later

Adding the following scripts to mods/PlotSquared/scripts and restart the server:

  • This will add the command /plot world <world>

For world settings such as hunger, I’m still not quite sure what stance I want to take this in terms of world management. For bukkit, PlotSquared is simply a world generator and plot manager, and there are plenty of other plugins to manage generic world settings (e.g. Multiverse). However in sponge, there’s none of that yet…

Alright I will test this in a few, thanks.

It would be cool to have it set up where you have commands like
/plotworld hunger <on/off>
/plot denyaccess and then they can’t enter that persons claim at all.

Keep up the good work.

You can already deny people from a claim:
/plot deny
or /plot deny *

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Ah cool, I must have glimpsed over that. Much appreciated!

Edit: In your opinion which is more of a performance hog, having two worlds (the plot world and a default world)
or having the clusters in your opinion?

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Edit: Updated to the newest version like you told me to and now the plugin isnt working lol.

Issue with the one I was using was scripts weren’t working for some reason and mobs wouldnt spawn in the plot world.
My Version of Sponge:

My Plot Version that works:

Plot Version that didn’t work:

Does the new version only work with a more updated version of Sponge and Forge or something?

Also any clue the cause of Mobs still not spawning and the scripts issue. (Assuming my issue has bugs and therefore thats why those little things aren’t working but what about the newest version)

  • Try downgrading Sponge to aroung build 525
  • don’t try to use plotsquared with the most current sponge version.

it almost sure won’t run as data2.0 was just merged.

The version I use currently works fine its just those little bugs.

Then you’ll have to wait until @Empire92 updates his plugin to work with the most recent Sponge build and fixes said bugs.

I don’t have the most recent sponge build. Lol his mod works fine it just has a few bugs. I think your a little confused :stuck_out_tongue: