Enigmatica 2 Expert - Unable to go to Luna with Advanced Rocketry

Hey, I am a small time server owner, and I recently discovered that I can’t Luna in the “Select Dst” area in the rocket.
I googled around and realised it’s because of Sponge that does it.
So I tried to find a fix for it, googling for hours. Someone mentioned somewhere its because Sponge has different packets when it comes to joining a server, not sure what that tells me.

So I had an idea. I manually TP to the moon with their command, which I did. Client crashed.
Googled the issue, someone said its because of custom skybox. So I disabled it, launched my client again, logged in, crashed.
I was stuck on the Moon, so I had to NBT edit my player.dat file and make myself in the normal world.

So I was wondering if anyone know a fix for this or know if theres a way to fix it without removing Sponge from the server.

I appreciate all the help.

If you guys need any crashlogs or any file just ask, I will provide it.

Many thanks!