Entities Stop moving with certain distance

I had a problem on my server that I directed initially at forge, but a mod there informed me that this was an issue with sponge stating “Sponge prevents entities from moving, and now tile entites from ticking when they are a ways away from the player {yet before they unload}”

Is there a config option to disable this? It is a major problem with advancing railway mods when the carts stop moving within 10-20 blocks of distance from the player.

Problems aside, I know it’s a thing where people who don’t have problems, don’t acknowledge the devs for their work, but aside from this problem sponge has been a great tool for use on my server. Thank you :slight_smile:

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That could be caused by Sponge’s entity activation range. See the documentation for more information

You can completely disable it in the config file under entity-activation-range in the modules section.
See here for a full explanation of config options https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/server/getting-started/configuration/sponge-conf.html
Alternatively you can modify the values for different types of entity.

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How do I disable it? I changed every value for ambient, creature, misc and monster and the golems still lags when you go to far away from them - rendering our iron farm really really slow.

… from the post directly above yours

There’s no mention of how to do it.

That was a description of how to do it.
Open the global.conf file. Scroll down to

modules { entity-activation-range=true

Change to entity-activation-range=false

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