Entity being removed for bounding box restrictions

So I set this Groudon’s size to Ginormous and when I try to send it out it just spawns for like a second and then despawns. So yeah… idk what to do…

idk what you guys want to see exactly (I’m really new to this) but this is what it says in the console:

[11:27:45] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Entity being removed for bounding box restrictions
[11:27:45] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: BB Size: 1,200 > 1,000 avg edge: 9.656
[11:27:45] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Motion: (0, 0, 0)
[11:27:46] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Calculated bounding box: box[-241.75361970886829, 70.70980193901651, -287.61755335626486 -> -232.43105939850452, 81.03236224938028, -278.2949930459011]
[11:27:46] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Entity bounding box: null
[11:27:46] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Entity: EntityPixelmon[‘Groudon’/48, l=‘world’, x=-237.09, y=70.71, z=-282.96]
[11:27:46] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: Entity NBT: {EVSpeed:70s,PixelmonMovePPBase3:5b,PixelmonMovePPBase2:10b,PixelmonMovePPBase1:15b,PixelmonMovePPBase0:10b,Attributes:[{Base:256.0d,Name:“generic.maxHealth”},{Base:0.0d,Name:“generic.knockbackResistance”},{Base:0.55d,Name:“generic.movementSpeed”},{Base:0.0d,Name:“generic.armor”},{Base:0.0d,Name:“generic.armorToughness”},{Base:1.0d,Name:“forge.swimSpeed”},{Base:16.0d,Name:“generic.followRange”}],Invulnerable:0b,Gender:2b,Name:“Groudon”,IVDefence:31b,IVSpDef:31b,CaughtBall:2b,PersistenceRequired:0b,Ability:“Drought”,originalTrainer:“setic”,DoesLevel:1b,Variant:0s,PixelmonMoveID1:458s,OwnerUUID:“22d25462-507d-4b4e-9306-673e24caedac”,PixelmonMoveID0:139s,EVSpecialAttack:70s,Pos:[-237.0923395536864d,70.70980193901651d,-282.956273201083d],IVSpeed:31b,pixelmonType:0b,pixelmonOwnerUUIDMost:2509160723632704334L,EVDefence:95s,Level:70,ForgeData:{SpongeData:{CanGrief:1b,maxAir:300,Creator:{UUIDMost:2509160723632704334L,UUIDLeast:-7852475383670968916L}}},IVAttack:31b,Growth:7b,PixelmonMovePPMax1:24b,PixelmonMovePPMax2:16b,PixelmonMovePPMax3:8b,EVSpecialDefence:70s,StatsSpecialDefence:164s,PixelmonMoveID3:126s,IsInBall:0b,PixelmonMovePPMax0:16b,PixelmonMoveID2:58s,Friendship:0s,transform:0s,StatsDefence:239s,EVAttack:120s,StatsSpecialAttack:160s,IVHP:31b,AbilitySlot:0b,EVHP:85s,EggMoves:[I;],Nature:7b,pixelmonOwnerUUIDLeast:-7852475383670968916L,Motion:[0.0d,0.0d,0.0d],StatsHP:256s,UUIDLeast:-4689738788961242633L,Health:256.0f,Aggression:1b,IsFainted:0b,OnGround:0b,Dimension:0,Rotation:[-168.20837f,-2.881129f],StatsSpeed:164s,StatsAttack:282s,IsShiny:0b,PixelmonMovePP3:5b,UUIDMost:7821479264771854253L,PixelmonMovePP2:10b,PixelmonMovePP1:15b,PixelmonMovePP0:10b,Fire:0s,pixelmonID1:1350388558,pixelmonID2:16,PixelmonNumberMoves:4b,IVSpAtt:31b,EXP:0,EXPToNextLevel:18638}

please help…

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The config value max-bounding-box-size sets the maximum size of an entity’s bounding box before removing it. You can set it to 0 to disable this feature.
See global.conf — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation
(although it’s a little out-of-date in places, and is due a clean up).


Thank you very much, it worked


i know this is 2 years ago but for a server i play on and a server owner im working with to fix the same problem, when they set it to 0 and restart the server it gets set back to 1000. do you know why and a fix?

I’m a bit baffled, it shouldn’t be Sponge doing that. If you’re editing it whilst the server is offline, then it should load normally when you start it up again. You could have problems with read/write permissions on your config files, if you’re using a linux based system. Or possibly some script in start-up is resetting things?

If it persists, you may need to file a bug report. It would be useful to know things like the version of Forge and SpongeForge being used - and always try the latest Recommended Build, if you haven’t already.

ok ill tell the server owner this. thx so much.

hey, I noticed you are having the same issue as me. did you ever find a solution to why the configs keep going back like that?

Most of the time, if folks edit a file while a server is running, then reboot, the shut-down process will result in resaving the configs with memory-values.
To avoid this type of very common problem, stop the server before editing the file, and then it will load correctly - if there are errors during startup due to broken file formats or unexpected values in some spots, it could break the loading of config files and plugin authors may choose to interpret an error as ‘then load up the default file and replace whatever was there’, thats the other common reason.

Barring those two generic cases of value-reversion on servers, there could be plugin/imiplimentation specific issues that require more troubleshooting…


This worked, thanks.