Entity Disguise - Disguise in to any mob

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Entity Disguise

Entity Disguise is the first disguise plugin for the Sponge platform. This plugin allows you to disguise yourself (or any player) as any mob on the server (including Forge mods).

How does this work?

Due to the fact disguises are not supported in Sponge (or Bukkit) I needed to create a new way of disguising a player compared to the way Bukkit plugins did it (which was sending nearby players the packets for a different mob at your location).
Entity Disguise works by Vanishing the player and putting a mob that follows your every move, therefore what others see is the mob and not you, however you will see yourself and the mob.


Currently there are only 5 commands.

Disguise As

command: /entitydisguise disguiseAs <Mob>
command: /ed as <Mob>
permission: entitydisguise.cmd.disguise
permission: entitydisguise.cmd

This command sets a disguise on yourself

Disguise Remove

Command: /entitydisguise disguiseRemove 
Command: /ed remove 
permission: entitydisguise.cmd.disguise
permission: entitydisguise.cmd

This command removes a disguise from yourself.

Disguise Key

Command: /entitydisguise disguisekey <Key> <Key value>
Command: /ed key <Key> <Key value>
permission: entitydisguise.cmd.key
permission: entitydisguise.cmd

This command applies more details to your disguise, such as if the disguise is sitting on the floor.

Disguise Extra Key

Command: /entitydisguise disguiseExtraKey <Key> <Key value>
Command: /ed ekey <Key> <Key value>
permission: entitydisguise.cmd.key
permission: entitydisguise.cmd

The command applies more details to your disguise. This command uses custom keys that are not built into Sponge to manipulate your disguise even more then normal.

Disguise deadzone

Command: /entitydisguise disguisedeadzone <amount>
Command: /ed deadzone <amount>
permission: entitydisguise.cmd.disguise
permission: entitydisguise.cmd

The command changes the ‘deadzone’ (the max distance between two points before something happens) of the disguise teleporting to you


Allows access to use the '/entitydisguise' command

Allows access to use the '/entitydisguise disguise' and 'entitydisguise remove' commands

Allows access to use the '/entitydisguise key' command


No configuration file yet


Donating is not a requirement, however will be appreciated. You can donate to MoseMister and the Entity Disguise project using one of the links below.



A new version has been released for Entity Disguise, it is available for download here.

Disguise in to any mob


  • Removed Console debug message
  • Moved Key Value to Argument Parser (Tab complete now works)

Can I pretend to be a pixelmon?

We’re in 2018, you may identify as whatever you like :wink:


It uses Sponges way to get all Entities including Forge Entities so in theory yes. But this was tested for Sponge Vanilla so I don’t know

Entity just teleported to the player’s position? Jerks in movement. The head of the entity does not repeat the direction of the player’s head. The legs of the entity is not moving. It’s easy to recognize that disguise.

Currently yes. The next update will expose the “deadzone”. If it is set to 0 then that will not happen. But the problem is because minecraft cannot accept two entities in the same place. It pushed your player out the way which results in the entity catching up with you and pushing you again.

I am working on the deadzone issue as well so it wont be as obvious on the deadzone default (2), such as updating the entity with head movement even in deadzone. And using path finders to move back to the player

A new version has been released for Entity Disguise, it is available for download here.

Disguise in to any mob


  • Fixed a issue where tab completion for the KeyValue space in the Key command would not display suggestions
  • Added command '/ed ekey ’
  • Added support for UUID keys
  • Added support for ItemType keys
  • Added EKey of entitydisguise:helmet
  • Added EKey of entitydisguise:boots
  • Added EKey of entitydisguise:chestplate
  • Added EKey of entitydisguise:leggings
  • Added EKey of entitydisguise:horse_armor

Will we eventually not be able to see ourselves?

There is a “pull request” for sponge called “Contexts & contextual data” which will do whats needed

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Will you add a way to turn into a mob when you click it?

I can add that feature.

Would you have an estimate for when it will be added?

I should be able to add it tomorrow

I have completed the update, just havent yet uploaded it as i didnt have my upload key on hand

Thanks! Could you also add in morphing into enabled blocks by right clicking on the block?

Depending on how you want it, it can be more difficult to add. If you mean as a entity block (as in a falling block entity) then that is simpler, but if you mean as a actual block that is placed based on your location, then that is harder

I mean falling block. That way it can move with you much smoother

Will you be able to upload the newer version today?

Sadly i wont be able to upload any plugin for another 2 days thanks to security on Ore.

I can add that feature in tomorrow

K. What did you do to cause that?