Entity Package Idea

The entity package will contain not only all the mobs, but also projectiles, and non living entities. So what are people’s thoughts on dividing the api.entity package into more organized packages such as api.entity.livingentity, api.entity.projectile, etc. instead of just one big package.

Although I don’t know if the proposed Component System would make this idea obsolete (IDT it would).

Just an idea that I want people’s opinions on, so don’t attack me if there is some issue I overlooked or you disagree :wink:

I don’t really care. That’s just a cosmetic thing, I guess it makes sense. Just like the different event folders.

The Artimis(or how it was called) or the ECS will allow for more flexibility and speeed.
Meaning that you can control ALL ENTITIES(not sure about Tile Entities) more flexible!
It’s not just a cosmetic thing.
And entities are divided into a couple groups.So it wouldn’t be bad if we got something like:
api.entity.projectile.<entity id or whatever> or api.entity.tileentity.<id>. :smile:

EDIT:Just preformatted the text :smiley:

Yeah, I was thinking that, just for organization of classes, sub packages would make it easier to find the entities you need when looking though the javadocs and also the git repository. For instance flying arrows could be api.entity.projectile.FlyingArrow and a cow could be api.entity.livingentity.Cow

Please provide proof

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Isn’t it very clear that it would give more flexibility? Since you could add your custom components…

But I don’t think it would be faster. It could even take more memory and CPU time.

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Well there was proof on Github but I think it’s really obvious that it will give more flexibility since you can call and modify entities much more easier!

When I said speed I meant it would be faster coding, or should be faster to code.
There is a forum post(This one) explaining the ECS.
It would be much more flexible and easier to code if we got something like the ECS instead of a system for entities like inheritence!

Ah ok, should’ve specified.