Erm, hello?

I’m disappointed at the recent halting of Status Updates. I think the community needs to be updated on the goings-on more often. @Owexz

I’ve been stalking @SpongePowered on twitter lately, and they stated a “surprise” was coming soon. Perhaps its Sponge 2.0?

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@FerusGrim knows what the secret is. Muwaahhahahahaha!


We do have a Status Update prepared, we’ll release it as soon as we’re ready to.


Good! I, too, have been missing those updates :slight_smile:

Hmm. Yeah from the outside it looks like a lot has trailed off since I left xD. We were shooting for Sponge to be available by Q1. It’s halfway through Q2.

I saw SpongeVanilla on Github… :wink:

We’re still working on a lot of things. Sometimes, development of code can’t be explained in Status Updates because, well, we’re too busy writing code!

This is the last week:

And the last month (Ignore the 800+ commits from me, that includes the April Fools joke I made)

So, please don’t believe that a lack of “Status Updates” means that we aren’t doing anything, if anything, check the GitHub for the most recent state of development ;).


Looks very granite. Shouldn’t we rename Sponge to SpongeForge than?

While this is great, it really is good to see progress in some way, not everyone is a developer. Not everyone should be expected to go to the place where the code is and look at things through the eyes of a developer. A major project like this should be translated in some way for end users to understand and make sense of. It’s good to support your community rather than to assume that your community will support itself. When I was still around doing things, we tried to get status updates and information out on a regular basis. This communication between devs and community completely stopped and that’s sad. Please fix.


Yes, it would make sense to rename it.


I’m aware of that. Renaming Granite was absolutely necessary to me :smile:

The Surprise is Sponge going to MineCon, i believe.

Actually (according to @Owexz) the surprise was the FlowerPot joke.


Are you telling me that the “update” on Twitter, while there are no other relevant updates, is some inside joke? Come on guys >_>…


The twitter post regarding the surprise was posted back in March, the surprise then was the April Fool’s FlowerPot joke. We are presently waiting for a development milestone to be achieved before we put out our Status Update. :wink:

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In the mean time, 8+ months after this project started, there is nothing to show for it. I was really excited at the outset, but it’s stagnated to death and is poorly managed.

But from a dev perspective, I think we can say that the API has been designed for scalability and usability. And that takes time. And how do you mean nothing to show?

I think he means that there is no public release yet, the main repo is worked on by mainly blood but what is the rest of the team doing?

There is a whole lot more that goes into this project than the API. And I was talking about a end user perspective, as mentioned above. There are a few hundred to a few thousand devs with their eyes on Sponge, but there is a potential audience of millions that could be reached. I started plans for the repo and docs months ago. Only one of them is active and working. The front end website is still the thing that someone made in the first couple of weeks. No one could agree on updating or changing any of the graphics or doing any sort of branding.

The problem is there is no direction or leadership of any quality. With a team of as many people as were willing to contribute from the start, something should have been available by now. But the leadership never made any effort to tap into the collective workforce of the dev community. So now it’s just handled by a small handful of hobbyists. You can’t just throw a ton of people in a room and say, “do whatever you want.”, you need to provide some step by step guidance of what is required to get from inception to deployment.