Error when someone mount in a boat/pokemon


Hello, when someone in my server get on in a pokemon this error occurs.
I’m using pixelmon + sponge + pixelextras + nucleus.
Running pokemon in V 1.12.2


Can you upload your full debug.log?


@Aaron1011 iirc I was getting this error recently when mounting boats too.


stop using api 8, download the api 7 builds this was fixed a while ago on stable


I did it, but now the Nucleus didn’t work.


My friend put all of those itens and it work.

  • You have duplicates of both SpongeForge and SpongeAPI. Duplicate mods are never a good idea; your server won’t start to begin with.
  • SpongeAPI is not something you install on your server; it is specifically for developers and compiled into a binary for convenience. Remove it.
  • Make sure you’re running Forge 2705. Higher versions may be compatible, lower versions probably won’t be. The intended Forge version is included in the version of SpongeForge.
  • Nucleus can be updated, the latest stable version is 1.4.3.