Error when typing a command

So i’m trieng to set a spawn i’m using a mix off bukkit and sponge plugins i have pore installed but everytime i type a command this appears:

[19:59:03] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Error occurred while executing command: org/spongepowered/api/entity/vehicle/minecart/MinecartChest

wich makes my plugins not being loaded since i dont find any configs for the plugins in any of the plugin folders

list of plugins i have in my mods folder:

  1. AutoRestart_V1.5__1.6.4_
  2. AutoSavePlus
  3. ban-hammer-2.4.0-shaded
  4. BBAntiBuild
  5. FamoustLottery
  6. FirstJoinPlus
  7. HolographicDisplays
  8. iConomy
  9. kam
  10. Multiverse-Core-2.4
  11. Multiverse-Portals-2.4
  12. Pore-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
  13. Referrals
  14. RichAutoMessage_v1.4.3
  15. SC_Blackjack
  16. SC_Slots
  17. ServerSigns
  18. SpeechBubbles
  19. Statues
  20. Vault-1.4.1
  21. WelcomeMessage_1.2.5
  22. worldguard-5.9

hopefully someone can help me solve this mistery :confused:

Please copy and paste the whole log to pastebin and post the link here.

A few of those Bukkit plugins could be replaced…just saying FML-Server-Latest

Vanilla latest

wich plugins have a good alternative?

Your main issue is relying on Pore being feature complete, of which it is not (just search on the forums and github repo and you’ll see what I mean). Unfortunately, a majority of Bukkit plugins will simply never work the way they’re supposed to, especially if they’re updated for features added in 1.8/1.9. Your best bet is to start porting data across to sponge related plugins specifically.

There are quite a few plugins that have been ported already or written by the developers in the sponge community to replicate some of the functionality. As time progresses, there will certainly be more plugins written for sponge.

problem solved :smiley: i deleted pore before you did comment :smiley: thx tough :slight_smile: now i gotta find a list wich are good alternatives for what i have in the list above :slight_smile:

Project Worlds
Project Portals
EconomyLite or TotalEconomy…I think there is another plugin as well
Vault is not needed on Sponge

Search through. More are being added all the time.