Error with some plugins

I recently installed SpongeForge and downloaded a couple of plugins to check. I installed Nucleus and SkinsRestorer, but SkinsRestorer returned an error, although Nucleus started without problems. I also tried with Server List Plus, but it also gave an error. Maybe it’s a plugin problem, but it seems to me that I’m doing something wrong.
I use Forge 1.12.2- and SpongeForge 1.12.2-2838-7.4.8- RC4142. Java - JDK 8.
Thank you in advance!

Skin restore has a massive font in bold at the top of the page stating its not compatible with forge (including sponge forge). Hope that helps

The SkinsRestorer page doesn’t mention incompatibility with SpongeForge. I don’t have any mods. Besides, why doesn’t ServerListPlus work either? It’s indicated that these plugins support Sponge.

Ah they must have fixed that then. Definitely had it for older versions (early api 8 release was last i checked so your 1.12.2 server will fall into that incompatibility sadly)

As for serverlistplus im not seeing any mention of it in your log, but looking at its github page, it seems its only compatible with api 8+(1.16.5+). For some reason it doesnt mention that on its ore page

Just for a little context, this is what it used to look like (way back machine - June 7th 2023)

I tested ServerListPlus separately. I downloaded SkinsRestorer on Sponge 7.3.0, that is, it should be compatible with 1.12.2. Strange. But thanks for the answer

As mentioned before. It seems the support for forge on skin restorer is recent so much so your 1.12.2 wont fall into the category of supported.

Prior to the forge support, skin restorer was a sponge vanilla exclusive plugin. Sadly they never put the tag on the plugin for a sponge vanilla exclusive plugin, instead just opting for the sponge api tag. But either way, it wont work on 1.12.2 forge.

I believe there are forge mods that achieve the same as what skin restore does for 1.12.2 but as a sponge vanilla guy myself, i cant name any