ES6 is awesome

For those interested in JavaScript, check out what’s coming in the next version of the ECMAScript standard.

It’s awesome :smile:!


Too bad lots of browsers still don’t support it yet.

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I prefer CoffeeScript for teh beautiful

teh beautiful is open source right? Let’s go ahead and smesh this and this together.

You should fix your link… :smiley:

You saw nothing. <>

It doesn’t feel like the good ol’ JavaScript we’re all used to, but it’s definitely nice.

I recommend checking out Google’s Traceur Compiler
To quote from the readme

What is Traceur?
Traceur is a compiler that allows you to use features from the future today. Traceur supports ES6 as well as some experimental features.

See it’s feature list

No, a traceur is one who practises parkour. They were supposed to use it for their funding project for DARPA.

GitHub - babel/babel: 🐠 Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript. has ~6,000 stars
GitHub - google/traceur-compiler: Traceur is a compiler has ~5,200 stars

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That’s the meaning English speakers have given the word, that’s not exactly right in French.