Escape Room plugin

I’d love to have a plugin that allows me to make escape rooms that players can get into, play and get rewards based on how quickly they get out.

I’ve fleshed out a few of the features needed. I don’t know if there is anything currently available that does some of this…I’ve not been able to find it if it does.


  • Have multiple micro worlds (64x64 blocks maybe) that are saved in the ‘ready’ state (each world is a different room)…Worlds should NOT have changes saved…so they stay in the ‘ready’ state for next group.
  • Have players teleported to the spawn for the world, and when they are done (either by completing the room or running out of time)…teleported to another location…
  • Easily load/unload those micro worlds through commands
  • Maybe have timers that make entering a room an hourly thing??
  • Have a “tree” of options for room themes and variations (i.e. - Haunted Mansion category and under that have 4 variations of that room)
  • Each room or category have separate loot tables…and maybe have it diminish over time…(so the faster you get out, the more you get)
  • Load/unload micro worlds when needed…help reduce RAM usage when not being run
  • Have multiple versions of the same room running at once
  • Allow for random selection of theme/variation.
  • Inventory control - players enter room with nothing…and leave with nothing.


Actually, I think I can do some of what I need with ProjectWorlds and ProjectInventories…anyone used those in this kind of capacity?

Nevermind, PJW and PJI aren’t working the way I need.

Is there not a mini-game plugin that already exists that does something like this?