Essentials plugin for Sponge?

Thats what i said in my post …

I’d help a little bit. I am going on holidays very soon so I’d be inactive for the first 2 months or so. :confused:

That’s what i’m trying to avoid, I’m not a noobie that doesn’t know what his doing, this plugin will contain every single feature that essentials does + Bungeecord support, for example [pcount:server]

Doesn’t that statement contradict itself? But whatever. Maybe if Instructable pops round he can use his chief wordsmith powers to sort that out.

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I’m aware of the missing Bungeecord support in Sponge due to uuid and offlinemode=true problems :wink:


but it lacks some features like ItemFlags for kits & bungee cord
features, to make essentials custom, you need to get the source, but all
you want is to remove lets say [L] from local chat.

  1. What do you mean by itemFlags? Essentials for sponge will have full metadata support.

  2. Bungeecord is not even supported by sponge yet. In addition, bungeecord support has nothing to do with Essentials.

  3. You dont need to edit the source to remove [L]. There is a messages file.

If you want you can help the Essentials team port it over, rather then starting a yet another essentials replacement that may or not may contain a significant part of the features.


So you just want to duplicate the entire essentials feature set?

Features, yes plus extra ones. Code no.

Why? Whats the problem?

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Not compatible with sponge duh?

As you said yourself, we are porting.

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The code is more than 3 years old, yes I know that it’s still “code” and has nothing wrong with it, I just rather build on a whole new system, than using an old one.

We are rewriting it from scratch.

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Then it’s not a “port”, it’s like coding a whole new plugin…

Considering we have to use an entirely new API… not much old code will be recycled.


Why dont you and your team just contribute to Essentials’ Sponge Branch ?


I never knew that existed…

Well this whole post seems useless now…

It probably would be good to make sure people know that ^ exists.

Essentials was well essential to the bukkit community.

Perhaps a sticky post or something what does everyone think?
Edit: perhaps @MrMysteri0us can add it to his interesting links post.
No shortened link for you, I’m on mobile.

Ps: I just got back from a little break so I haven’t fully re-acquainted myself with the forums yet.

Honestly if people just searched they would have seen that essentials was porting to Sponge, and it doesn’t take much effort past that to find the source.

It shouldn’t be a sticky, why is essentials any more important then any other plugin?


Mysterious hasn’t been here in months, so I’m not sure whether he’ll add it :wink: