Essentials… Remade

If Essentials Was Remade, What Would You Change?

I Would Defiantly Change The Structure Of The Plugin, I Mean The Economy Is In The Core???

We’re making something pretty similar to essentials. Forum thread:- "Foundation" - Common APIs and Plugin Infrastructure Manager


Make it like UltimateCore :smile:

I’m planning a remake of essentials myself, essentials has gotten way too bloated to be essential anymore. (kittycannon, nuke, smite, etc. Not really “essential” to running a server imo, fun additions but still not essential.)

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I’ve used thunder from time to time, to kill mobs on the server, but yeah, some of those commands I would consider to be bloat commands. But even that thunder command wouldn’t be strictly needed/essential either.

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To be honest, my approach to essentials should be a convenient plugin that can help you do things faster and better with extensibility to support more features without hijacking any vanilla commands or incompatible to most plugins.

i’d move everything I wouldn’t consider to be essential, in the main plugin and have a sepperate plugin with all the cool commands in.


That’s what I plan to do. (Essentials unessentials lol)


2% of essentials actually was essential.


^which is why i used CommandBook instead

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Sigh, the amount of misinformation here has always just been silly.

Essentials used lazy loading for all of its commands, meaning unless you actually used a command, it wasn’t even loaded into memory.
This meant if you added a command to the disabled commands list in the config.yml or just didn’t give anyone the permission to use the command, it was if it didn’t exist, in terms of resources or bloat.

Secondly, almost all features other than the true core, were behind disable-walls. For example unless you had a jail set (using /setjail) the event listeners which handle the jail events, were not registered.

Finally, the reason the ‘Economy’ was in the core, was because once you added ‘economy’ support for all commands, and the code needed to hook it up to Vault, and a few other economy systems directly, adding in ‘EssentialsEco’ was just a few lines. The system designed to fall back smoothly to other economy systems.


Which still doesn’t make the other commands more necessary. Not handled != Not bloat


“Foundation” sounds like it will be essential, NOT Essentials

I’m pretty sure Essentials said they would be porting their plugin over to sponge…

essentials was actually meant to be kinda like a one plugin does it all kinda plugin, thats why they had some fun stuff along with very important stuff
but idk for sure, just pretty sure. seems to make sense

Kind of the point of this plugin is to have the “essential” commands form the Essentials plugin but not have the other “fun” commands in it, adding bloat to it. Like the commands like /nuke, /smite and /lightning.

Dont forget /antioch and /kittycannon.


I think that I’ve used the /antioch one once before, but the other one I didn’t know about…