Essentials Replacement? and other plugins

Coming back to modded MC after around a 3 year hiatus and struggling with some of the changes. Trying to get a ATM3 server up and running. Got the basics done thanks to the excellent spongeforge documentation but the absolute lack of plugins seems so strange compared to what used to be available. It is because its MC 1.12, or forge or a combination? I cant even find an essentials replacement. The closest I could find was Nexus which only went up to MC 1.9.4. Am I missing something or is there just no anything out there? If not does anyone have any recommendations on a hodgepodge replacement for things like fly, banned items, kits etc? Essentials was so convenient as it did so much with one plugin.

I did finally get a PEX to work right but, world edit doesnt seem to work right. Any recommendations would be appreciated on not just essentials but anything you think a new server might need that works with spongeforge and MC 1.12.

I’m slightly biased here because I wrote this plugin, but there is an Essentials like plugin for Sponge, Nucleus: Nucleus - The Ultimate Essentials Plugin

For permissions, the only plugin that I know of that works with 1.12.2 is LuckPerms: LuckPerms - A permissions plugin for Minecraft servers

Banning items, you have a few solutions. I know of MMCRestrict and ProtectionPerms, but if you want a GriefPrevention replacement there is GriefPrevention for Sponge: GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support

Every server is different though - I’m sure there are many people with many different recommendations here. It just depends what you want your server to do!

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So not sure if you have found it yet, but we have a plugin posting system:
You might want to search through there if you haven’t yet.

There are a lot of plugins that still haven’t migrated over there (due to regulation issues, or ore features missing).

Nucleus is one of the more well known (and afaik used), essentials like plugin.

I’m also a little biased, so would recommend FoxGuard to you as a world protection plugin if your looking for something like that. We also at some point in the (hopefully) near future, will be having FoxEdit come out, which will me a much more advanced world editing plugin. Both systems have a custom CUI system (not required).

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I use what Dualspiral suggested for my essentials/ perms/ claiming. They seem the most developed, active and stable of all the different types.

You’ll also want an Economy plugin if you haven’t found one yet, I personally use Total Economy. I also recommend Carrot Shop, ActiveTime and PixelAutoMessages if your server is public.

I also personally use the Forge Mod version of WorldEdit, and haven’t had any issues with it so far (only installed server side).

~ Alice

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Thanks I found your plugin about 15 minutes after I made this post. It seems…difficult to search for plugins at best.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and help.

advanced search options are nice.


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