GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support

Automatically prevent all types of grief!

This is the official thread for the Sponge variant of GriefPrevention now with TOWN and WECUI support! BigScary has granted me permission to develop the Sponge version as he doesn’t have enough time to support both Bukkit and Sponge.

Not familiar with Grief Prevention? It prevents all types of grief automatically without any effort from administrators, and only a little self-service (land claiming) effort from players.

Note: In order for GriefPrevention to function properly, it is important you use the LATEST SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla builds. GP requires SpongeForge 1625+ to work correctly.

1.8.9 Prerequisites

1.10.2/1.11 Prerequisites

  • Latest SpongeVanilla/SpongeForge (b2172+)
  • LuckPerms 2.17.69+


Basic setup and guidelines can be found on the wiki located here


  1. If you are having issues with permissions, turn on debug for using ‘griefprevention’ in the pex filter like so
    ‘/pex debug griefprevention’
    This will output any permission check that contains ‘griefprevention’ to console and server log.
    If using LuckPerms, use
    ‘/lp verbose true playername’

Sounds great. I use the plugin on my own server - can’t wait to see it up and running for sponge [when, of course, sponge is runnable too].

Great to see you here BigScary! I’ve been monitoring the whole API, etc. so I will definitely be more than happy to help you with any questions.

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Good to see the GriefPrevention clan is up and running, it would be sad to see the best anti-grief plugin die!

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:frowning: I am having so many problems with GP beta on my server that I am actually looking for other options. I love to keep GP but the double files its creating is making everyone with Upper and lower case letters in their names lose claims and points. I hope if you do rewrite, you can clean up some of these issue.

Good Luck!

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Great to see grief prevention here, since sponge is going to be combined vanilla and modded it would be great to see something like added into the plugin.

This is one I’m glad to know will be ported and not lost. The transition from hMod without the Cubiod plugin was hard. Good plugins like this deserve new life!

oh yes i remember losing all my spawns and every thing i backed up with cuboid before shutting down a month to reboot with bukkit :frowning: learning worldedit took a months but once i got the hang of it it was clear it was the better plugin.


Hey @BigScary, haven’t seen you in a long time! How about using the WorldGuard API to handle claims? May greatly increase the speed at which you can get the plugin out, as, lets be honest, it needs a rewrite. The new WG 6 does everything you’d ever need to, and I began creating a GP-like plugin using WG 6 because the current GP is such a mess.

Just my 2 cents. But still, great to see you back and hope to see great things!

WG 6 includes support for protection against most, if not all mod actions possible, fast MySQL and flatfile storage, a great API and a whole lot more. I’d really recommend looking into it as a base for GP if you plan to rewrite or port.

Edit: If you are to port/rewrite, I’d also like to see less bloat. For example, dealing with chat, and too many configs. There is no need to have so many, and it only makes the plugin harder/impractical to use, especially if users can create their own dimensions.

If you want any help with the design of the plugin, I’d love to help out. I only say this because of how GP turned out with the new devs, and it is certainly my favourite land protection plugin.

This is going to be sweet. Glad Sponge was made.

I like that thinking. I will definitely try to do something like that in the next version of GP.

Would like to hear more specifics about what you didn’t like in chat handling. Also what do you mean by “mod actions”? I definitely intend to make the config files easier to use.

GP beta is a wreck. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I hope to find a way to get people onto a stable version of GP without throwing their claims away. I’m looking into it now.

Very glad you’re working on GP 8, working better so far.

I personally don’t like all the bloat GP offers, and it confused me for a while with some commands overriding Essentials commands. I think chat protection should be left to other chat plugins (or a separate plugin), and GP should do what it does best, land protection.

Mod actions - Wrenches (mostly), wand spells, GUIs, other actions of the like (WG6 protects most except 1 or 2 wrench issues on TE blocks/AE cables).


Ah yes, mod actions. That will depend on how well the Sponge platform handles mods. Bukkit allowed plugins to make changes to the world, injure entities, and more without bothering to fire a cancellable event first (basically, asking other plugins if the action is OK before actually doing it). If Sponge makes that a requirement, then it’s doable.

Some form of chat protection will be built into GP, otherwise it wouldn’t be the one-stop fix for all types of grief that makes it so attractive to many. There’s always been a simple config option to wholesale disable the anti-spam, and there always will be. If you can tell me what it is about the anti-spam that you don’t like, maybe I can make it better so that you won’t want to replace it anymore.

Which commands were overriding Essentials commands? Some command conflicts are unavoidable, since everyone shares a namespace. I’m assuming Sponge will have something similar to CraftBukkit.yml for breaking ties and creating aliases. However now is my opportunity to change some commands, since we’re moving to a new platform - tell me specifically what troubled you, and I may decide to change it.

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/ignore was overriding Essentials’ ignore command, and I managed to work around that with the Bukkit command alias settings. It also does something with bans I think, but Essentials still somewhat handles that it seems, so that’s fine. The config option to whole section of the plugin will be fine though.

I might just leave /ignore out (that was added while I was away from the project, but I admit it was my idea). I don’t like that it requires players to take action - the players who are mature enough to use /ignore are also mature enough to really just ignore someone without using a slash command, so it doesn’t add much value, and probably isn’t worth the dev time.

I’ll eventually get /softmute back in, though. Minecraft needs a trolling fix, even if it’s one that requires an admin to get involved.

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I’m very relieved to hear this. Unfortunately the later dev builds, with all their rewrites of core mechanics and new features, introduced so many issues that I just stopped using the plugin.

It has been a while since I used the 1.5.x versions of GP but they simply worked. It seemed to me like the rewrites we’re not completely necessary. My bias is that I don’t need a feature rich GP, versions 7.7 and below served my needs perfectly. I acknowledge that I am unfairly comparing development builds to release builds, but we never got 1.6.x+ release builds. I was disheartened to see that the development of the plugin had become very experimental and I would have been much more satisfied by updates which focused on providing compatibility with newer MC features.

I am however thankful that we got dev builds at all. I used them for a while.

Glad your back @BigScary.
Thanks to everybody who has worked on GP in the past.


Your plugin is the best. I will be glad to see him on the sponge.

as long as there will be mod support I will continue using this plugin.