I would like to have Essentials converted to Sponge, and if the Sponge community can’t do that, does anyone have any alternatives?

How can I set up warps, and what are all of the basic user perms?

You can check nucleus docs at

There is a official essentials coming to sponge. The release is here

@MoseMister I’ll believe it when I see a release on the forums, that was last updated over a year ago.

i didnt check the last time it was updated, sorry

Can confirm, is dead. We endrose Nucleus.

Ok. I’m just having trouble finding the warps command. And would someone be willing to make me a perm pack for basic users?

I also have the folder but it has nothing in it. Any ideas of whats wrong? - if you search for “warp”, you’ll see the commands. - all the permissions are here, but it can feel intimidating!

I admit, the current docs are somewhat lacking, I really want to improve them a lot, and I guess making “warps” is a key thing I haven’t written yet. Once I have the next version of Nucleus out, I think I need to force myself to update the docs. The key commands are /warp <warp> and /warp set <warp>.

As for permissions, we have a set of basic user permissions - which you can add by following instructions at - but assuming you’re using PEX:

  • Open config/nucleus/main.conf, find the option core.permission-command, and add the following text to the option - "pex group {{group}} perm {{perm}} 1"
  • Set up your groups in PEX like normal.
  • Run /nucleus reload.
  • Run /nucleus setupperms USER <groupname> to set basic user permissions to the user group, /nucleus setupperms MOD <groupname> to a group that will have banning, kicking, warning, noting and mute permissions, and /nucleus setupperms ADMIN <groupname> to an admin group.

I hope this helps.