EULA push a PR stunt for MS purchase?

I have nothing backing this claim up. Just wondering what some thoughts are on the subject. I am not sure if this has been discussed before, but it seems like its always treated as a separate issue, when it could very well be strategic.

Think of it this way, if Microsoft pushed the EULA enforcement, there would be so much more hate than when Mojang (as a stand alone company) did it And on top of that Notch took it personally. Why? he washed his hands of MC a while ago. I don’t exactly like the EULA but I do think overall it is better for the community. But just think of the backlash if Microsoft did it. Is this a clue to MS trying to curb ‘private server’ sales so they can make more money with their changes in the future? Don’t know.

Not trying to plant a seed of fear, just speculation and trying to grasp the bigger picture.

It’s certainly possible, but I don’t think we’ll ever know in the end.

Jebus H. Christ, when did this turn into /r/conspiracy LOL!


The thing to remember about Microsoft is…

So long as you are not hurting their profits nor are you damaging their name they pretty much leave you alone to do as you please.


I Guess its like selling a car. Gotta clean it up inside and out to make it more salable .

Haha where are the comments about the Illuminati and Half Life 3!

Notch personally taking blame was outright bull@. Hard to believe MicroSoft payed him half a billion for doing so. Apparently the game is worth it. And in Notch’s position I also would have taken the money, to spend the rest of my life in hiding for autism spectrum ex-fans.

Something was brewing when a Scandinavian organisation announced to have hired a lawyer. And it probably was not them trying to force a bankrupt or trying to get lynched by an angry mob.

And this is not over. MicroSoft now got to make 3 billion dollar and that bunch of Swedish gingers is not going to help. They can make a million, not a billion. Well at least plugins now will be written in VBA :smiley: