Evalonia ~ Looking for Builders, Coders and Helpers (A Now 2 Year Project)

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel or danielfrogs (ign) and I am the owner of a project RPG server we have named Evalonia. If you have been part of the Sponge forums for some time, or have been looking online you may have came across us before.

I and my team strive to achieve the highest standard of server for the community to enjoy and we will not stop until the requirements and standard of not only the team but mine are met. Keeping this frame of mind had made the server the best it can so far, but just the other day I was struck by how long we had taken on the development of Evalonia (2 years now).

We are looking for Builders, Coders and any Helpers who are willing to join the team and work towards the end product we have been working on since January 2014.

Keep in mind that I consider my who team to be my friends, and anyone who joins will also be treated that way. We all stand for and with one another; this is why I think the Evalonia team stands out from the rest.

Builder Requirements and Skills: (This is an important role as this is the backbone of what this server is based off. Good buildings mean a good quality server. That’s the end line.)

  • Needs good knowledge and skill in Minecraft building and build styles, especially RPG and Fantasy styles.
  • Needs to be able to work as part of a team.
  • Needs to be self motivated and always strives to improve what he/she has built.
  • Create epic, monumental building which are worthy of being framed and on the Evalonia server.
  • Be casually available (not just a one time thing but a regular helper).

Coder Requirements: (This is by far the most important role for the game play of the server and covers many different aspects which need to be covered. The end line is if you know how to edit plugins and code them your good to go.)

  • Is familiar with Minecraft code and can help with custom plugins when needed.
  • Can work with web languages such as css and html.
  • Needs to be able to work as a part of a team.
  • Help set up more technical aspects of the server such as commands and plugins.

Helper Requirements:

  • Needs to be able to work as part of a team.
  • Can be flexible and help wherever needed.
  • Can quickly switch between tasks and multitask

If you are interested in joining the Evalonia team then leave a comment below. Keep in mind that I can only take on a few people, so the ones with the most impressive comments and reasons will get picked.

This is a great opportunity for both the server and the team as I have many things lined up for the future. More game play feature ideas and even rewards for the team who have worked hard to make this a reality

The fact is, the more dedicated people we have helping out means that the server will be released quicker.

EDIT: Some pictures of the server project so far. Only a few teasers as I wouldn’t want to give to much away to the people who will play once its opened. :slightly_smiling:

This is a screenshot of the outside of the capitol city. The Evalonian Capitol!

This is one of the ports we have made as of yet. Basic but simply fascinating in my opinion.

This is a picture of one of our first towns we made. We aimed for it to represent how the player can roam free in the gigantic adventure world full of mystery without the boundaries of traditional servers. We only have a border of the realm which we are planning to expand as the server grows.

Go and see our first sneak peak trailer on YouTube here. (We Plan on Making a Trailer For Each Milestone or Event of the Server)

So yeah… This is some of what we have done so far, obviously not all of our time over the past few years have been spent building and that is one of the crucial parts we need to get done for us to begin adding the dynamic game play.

Thank you for reading,
Daniel (danielfrogs) Evalonia Server Owner.

In the famous words of the late Leonard Nimoy during his time as Spock, fascinating.

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Love it! Just great. Still looking for some people, will just have to keep waiting. I will probably post some pictures to get people excited about Evalonia a bit more.

Gotta sell your product. Get people wanting to help out by showing you have come along way but need additional help!

That is exactly right. To get it released quicker, I need a couple of dedicated people who love Minecraft and can offer something to the server.

My friend waterpicker here is just trying to find a polite way to tell you that you should post some screenshots of your server.

I was in the middle of doing it as you posted this. Hopefully people will like to come and join the team. It’s a win win situation. The team gets a few more members, the server will get completed in a faster time and the project can get further underway, getting closer and closer to the release for the Minecraft community to enjoy.

Its sounds fun. heres a link of some pics http://imgur.com/a/DO4A9 this is some of my small builds and I have played mc 4 years now and I am using Worldedit alot. So thats maybe good to know.

But well this topic is maybe a bit old now tho, So I may is a bit late?.