Event of creating a portal in the End

I need to cancel this event on my server, but I can not find it in JavaDoc. I’m trying to block the creation of any portals by players, this is necessary so that they can not use them to duplicate items.

How do they duplicate elements?

I had to look for the video and it’s in Russian. Independently, I did not even try to repeat this duplication of subjects. But just in case, I want to cancel the event. If I had more knowledge in Java, I would have partially transferred this plugin to Sponge.

Time-consuming dup. Sleep well :slight_smile:

portal-agents {

This does not disable. Just prohibit the transition to the worlds.

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With this option, you will need to create portals with a plugin. In my opinion, it’s better to block the possibility of creating portals for players.

Additional plugins not required.

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Is this rule only for new portals?

No, this governs all teleportation. Essentially you’re saying that whenever the default teleport agent is invoked for the nether or end portals (i.e. when a player uses one), the destination should be overridden to point to the default world. This will effectively disable all portals, and you will require some other method of teleportation to get to the End and Nether.

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This is why this option does not suit me. It’s enough for me to cancel the portal creation or to replace it with the air.

@Semenkovsky_Ivan Have you tested the dupe?

I’m not even sure it applies to Sponge due to the difference in our multi world handling.

If it applies to us, make an issue, as it should be a straightforward fix.

Does not the portal have its own event?

It does, It is Work in Progress.

What I am asking, “Is SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla affected by the duplication bug?”

The portal event has / was being worked on, and either someone will get to it in time (comment on the PR to get attention to other devs that you need/want it) or someone else can update it / get it ready.