Event Registering

Since onEnable() has been made an event, does this mean that we no longer need to register events or…?

If it is the case that we don’t need to register events, could we completely omit the onEnable() event if that’s all we were using it for?

Also, a small side-step to the initial question, which gamestate would be equivalent to onEnable() as there are a few possibilites.

First, onEnable() has not been made an event. Sponge never had onEnable()

But yes, that would be possible.

The gamestate would be PreInitialization.

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When I said onEnable() has been made an event, I meant the use of the gamestates… For example:

public void onEnable(PreInitialization e) {


is the same as Bukkit’s

public void onEnable() {


It indeed is, but Bukkit != Sponge… I don’t like to think that way.


I guess we don’t have to register the event listeners of the annotated plugin class (@Plugin), but still the ones in other classes.


Registering events will be very similar to Forge/FML, you will register an event listening class with EventManager#register

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