Event to listen for Enchanting

I’ve seen one topic on here for listening to Enchantments but it was a link to a proposed Data API and I don’t know which of those features have been implemented or not, but I’ve tried using ChangeDataHolderEvent and AffectItemStackEvent but I still haven’t figured out how to listen to enchantments. This is by all /enchant, anvils, and enchantment tables.

I may be wrong in saying this, as I’ve only just started getting back into coding java. Not only that but moving from Bukkit to this so I’ve got no history at all with sponge.

However I did take a quick look at the JD and I couldn’t find any specific event that would allow you to listen for enchantments being applied to an item (May of missed it). Like I say i’ve still got to get my head around sponge.

However maybe if you listen for the inventory clicking/opening you could maybe try and see if it’s possible to figure out your in an enchantment table and try and record the enchantments someone puts on it.

Like I say no expect in sponge at all and I could be 100% wrong just my quick view on it. Maybe someone better could give you a more straighter answer.

Also maybe (AffectSlotEvent) could help???

I believe AffectItemStackEvent isn’t implemented yet.

Well is there a current implemented way to do it?