Every time I put the mod in the servers mods folder I can't run the forge server

So, every single time I try to run the forge server with the mod it doesn’t work. I don’t know why it doesn’t. If I need to tell more information then tell me. Can I get some help with this?

You won’t get any help at all unless you post some useful diagnostic information. Have a read of the bug reporting sections on SpongeDocs.

Honestly we can at least give him some pointers… As sometimes it something simply over looked…

Here what I would do to start the process…

Empty the server until you left with the Forge server and respected Minecraft version.

Run that and see if it works? Okay if you made it this far then it’s the mod(s). Failing that then either your setting up the server incorrectly Or your provider is needing to step in to help you successfully execute the Forge jar or something.

Assuming the Forge server does run with no mods. Shut down and add ONE mod at time. Starting up and stopping until the server comes to a crash. So for example… You install Mod1, starts, works, stops, load Mod2, same thing, but load Mod3 and it crashes? Then it’s likely Mod3 causing you the problems.

Although it maybe an effective method, spending hours loading and unloading the server, moving mods one at a time into a folder, Is not a good strategy unless every other method has been exhausted.

Also he said mod. Is it possible he means mod or plugin, it is singular so it sounds like he has a specific one in mind. Which means we can narrow the problem possibly to a forge version issue, mod conflict, or dependency issue which can be easily discovered if he goes into his server’s folder and looks inside the /crash-reports folder for the latest error report which he can upload to hastebin if he can’t understand and post here for community support, or on the forum /thread of whatever the mod/plugin of whatever is causing the issue.

It is better to ask a man for information before sending him to his own mental demise. Tons of repetitive, inefficient, and eye straining work can lead anyone to just throw in the towel. Sponge is a community that likes to enable people not discourage them by making things more difficult than they should be.

Don’t solve something if you don’t know what the problem is, find the problem first.

If the log does not literally says upfront there a conflict or whatever (now of days it getting easier to find those annoying dependency/conflicting problems) …

I don’t know where you got “hours” from this. If your from any reputable providers you can rename on the fly to “disable” them and rapidly do this in seconds per mod.

Even for a moderate sized “mods salad” this would probably be more realistically be like an half-one hour.

If your running any size able pack that requires HOURS to troubleshoot this way then it maybe time to get a dedicated mod dev (or two) to step in.

I don’t really care to get into an argument, but evidently renaming files is not at all difficult, as it can be done with a half line in regex in bash, the problem is waiting for the server to load and unload which obviously depends on both the familiarity of the user (which judging by his original post is not much) as well as the speed of the machine it is being run on, If your machine loads a whole forge server in just a few seconds, I’d love to know the specs of that hardware, Also there is figuring out any dependencies he has to install on the way when the server closes while enabling a mod which is often overlooked.

Even if he were to do them all in half an hour, why do a 30 second process of checking what all the error handling tools provide us in the form of an unnecessary 30 minute procedure in which at the end you will still need to figure out a solution to. The point is mute, this thread is about helping him find out why his mod is crashing his server not arguing the semantics of efficiency, or helping him find what mod, which he probably already knows what is causing the issue. I’m here to help find out why the mod is crashing his server. If he ever answers with information.

All of this is just guesswork, until the @Colin_Green responds. Which is why I posted the link to the SpongeDocs page, which specifically says:

Whenever you report a bug, please include the following:

  • Sponge version used (SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla build number)
  • Forge version (if applicable)
  • any other mods or plugins installed including their versions
  • your Log Files

please use a service like GitHubs gist or pastebin to provide logs, don’t paste them into the post directly

That (in theory) saves everyone a lot of guesswork and typing.


If your executing a public server/community your job is to be efficient period.

When a mod is at fault assuming it not a QUICK look at the logs for a trivial error like dependency or the wrong version or etc. Then usually it out of your scope to deal with the actual mod.

Usually the best you can do from there is file a bug report and hopes that the mod’s owner will still support it and fix it within a few business days.

If it doesn’t work and I cannot fix it myself then 99% of time I go and either toss it or replace it if possible.

spongeforge-1.12-2443-7.0.0-BETA-2491 this is the file name and I have no other mods. this is the forge name forge-1.12- the mod I was talking about was sponge. the log files are SpongForge mod server crash - Pastebin.com


Thanks for that information. I can’t see anything out of place so far, but seems your server log file ends at line 3094, and there’s no crash in sight. Did it get cut off, and if so, can you post the rest?
Secondly, you could try updating Sponge to a more recent build. I think 2498 may be the last for Minecraft 1.12.

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Can you say what the line looks like? Also, the javaw process DOES start, it’s just the window never apears.

We need whatever appears in the log file after the end of the pastebin file (which looks like it’s cut off at line 3094). It should contain something about errors. You can use a simple text editor to make a new paste with the rest, or use a service that allows bigger files (like github gist). If there really isn’t any more, then I have no idea what’s going on.

ok so, I checked and this link DOES go to the end of the log. [11:19:26] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Injecting tracing printstreams for STDOUT/STDERR - Pastebin.com also, I am using a folder to run my server

That link still only goes to line 3092.

If that really is all there is of your log file, then check your host, because it’s likely not Sponge or Forge crashing, it would be your operating system falling over. When Minecraft (or Forge, or Sponge) crashes, it generally leaves a log.