Exception Caught

Minecraft Forge : SpongeForge : 1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2312 SpongeAPI : 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT-a26c654 Minecraft : 1.10.2

17.05 09:51:35 [Server] Server thread/INFO Plugins (44): Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, Forge Mod Loader, Minecraft Forge, Potion Core Coremod, SpongeAPI, SpongeForge, ItemBlacklist, Animania, AntiWDL, Baubles, Baubles-Hud, BiomeTweaker, Biomes O’ Plenty, Cfm, ClearMob, Conquest Reforged, Extended Renderer, CoroUtil Library, Extended Mod Config, CustomNPCs, Ender Zoo, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, Extra Alchemy, FastAsyncWorldEdit, HelpMe, LLibrary, Ice and Fire, Just a Few Fish, MorePlayerModels, Mythic Beasts, Potion Core, Not Enough Potions, Nucleus, CustomCommands, PermissionManager, Placeable Gunpowder, Potterblocks, ProjectWorlds, Realistic Terrain Generation, ServerListPlus, Simple Protection, WorldEdit, Zombie Awareness

This is not the full error log, but it goes on for days: