Exception ticking world entities with sponge installed

hello!! i was trying to use sponge on my server and at first it was working fine but then i started getting “Exception ticking world entities”? ?? and i removed sponge and it doesn’t happen without it, im not sure why it would cause this could anyone help me out??

here is crash report

and the version im using is sponge-1.8-1371-2.1DEV-449.jar

Try with only sponge installed, you seem to have some other mods.

This is likely due to another mod adding an entity that sponge doesn’t know about. Sponge should handle mod entities gracefully but it doesn’t look like it does at the moment.

i thought sponge was compatible with other mods though? T^T im trying to use it like i used to use cauldron

oo it might b the animals+ mod ill try taking that out thanks!