Experimental AntiCheat Plugin - Guardian, by Connor Hartley

So as you probably know - no one at Sponge has developed a full AntiCheat plugin resembling the likes of NoCheatPlus. Part of this is because those plugins tend to be very complex, and it’s hard for any one person to combat the legions of cheat software developers there are for minecraft.

The good news is, Connor Hartley over at Github has been working on an experimental plugin that aims to fix this. He’s been working hard on this plugin for a couple months now, and I haven’t seen it linked on the forums before, so here it is. If the veterans here can find the time, giving him code suggestions or writing code yourself would be fantastic. AntiCheat is one of the last big plugins that still doesn’t have a complete replacement yet, and pushes away from creating servers with the SpongeAPI (myself included).