"failed: Broken pipe" error crashing the server


Good afternoon!

I’m currently running a Sky Adventures (v1.2.1) server together with 2 friends of mine. Our server however
crashes sometimes for a unknown reason. The exact same crash also happened on older servers we had
running. Those servers were running on Revelation, Direwolf20 and Modern Skyblock 3 Departed.

When the server crashes, there is no crashlog generated. The logs however are spammed with the following line:

[13:47:37] [Netty Epoll Server IO #10/ERROR] [FML]: NetworkDispatcher exception
io.netty.channel.unix.Errors$NativeIoException: syscall:writev(…) failed: Broken pipe
at io.netty.channel.unix.FileDescriptor.writeAddresses(…)(Unknown Source) ~[minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar:?]

This error has been spammed soo many times that the server just shut down. We need to manual restart the server each time and this has been going on for a few months (not on this server, but since we first encountered this issue on our other servers).

Due the size of the logs I couldn’t upload it in Pastebin so here is a download link instead (Google Drive):

Server log and debuglog

This specific server is running on the following Sponge mods:


But as I’ve said, I’ve been getting this issue much more often, on other servers as well, all with different mods.

I hope someone can see what the issue is. Someone mentioned that it might have something to do with our
connetion? Maybe our firewall or port (we have all ports blocked by default and whitelist them).

We have a dedicated server from Hetzner (Nürnberg, Germany).
Our server specs are: Intel Xeon E3-1271V3 with 32 GB RAM and 2x 480 GB SSD


Broken pipe, means that something closed the connection in an uncontrolled manner, if all of your servers did it at the same time, I’d really be looking into networking issues, maybe speak to your provider if they might be able to spot anything too


It does not happen to all my servers at the same time, sorry if I was unclear in that. I ment to say that this error spam has been causing “crashes” on my other servers as well. Never at the same time, and always the populated server. I assume a player caused the closed connection in a uncontrolled manner? But there must be a way for me to track the source and put a plug in it? If not, why do bigger servers never have these issues?


We’re still having this issue. There must be a place where I can ask this question and someone knows the answer?


this is a networking issue possible related to the old netty version used in Minecraft, you can try upgrading netty manually and see if that helps



Hey phit,

I’ve seen that site the day before you told it here but I was suspicius about it because of chaos234 his reaction about version changes that wasn’t answered. After you recommended it as well, we decided to apply it on our server. It fixed the issue. For anyone having this issue as well, the link that phit posted works.

Thanks alot for your help! This issue was the cause of 80% of our crashes and it now finally got solved :slight_smile:


Didn’t even notice that comment on the gist, I replied to it now, better late than never :smiley:
Good to hear it worked for you!