Fakejoinleave - you can use this plugin to fake join or leave to display its message make it appear your not online or not

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Welcome to your new project!

But the players are still displayed in the tab list?

it was intended to just display the message in chat but i can improve the plugin with even more features like tablist display and things like that

Forgive my saying so, but this isn’t a very good fake. You create the message yourself instead of using the translation, so anyone using Minecraft in a different language won’t be fooled. You didn’t even capitalize the join message correctly.

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ah yea creating a config was something plan but didn’t had time so i just push the plugin for anyone that want it to use it right away that speak english and that is already using default login/leaving message
but i am making improvement soon :smiley:

A new version has been released for fakejoinleave, it is available for download here.

Added a configuration to edit the message to fit your server needs <3