Fallout 4 at E3?


Someone hold me. <3

EDIT: Just to clarify, it’s a countdown for Bethesda at E3. However, given the nature of the countdown it’s widely believed that they’ll be announcing Fallout 4.

EDIT: I was actually mistaken. E3 isn’t until the 14th. This countdown was for (AFAIK) just an arbitrary date. However, it does confirm Fallout 4; and I am hoping to see more of it at E3. :smile:


nobody knows… what they’ll be anounceeein

It’s on the Fallout website. With the classic fallout look. Specifically counting down before E3.

If it’s not Fallout 4, it’s the biggest co–… It’s the biggest tease in recent gaming history that I can think of.

still waiting for half-life 3
lord gaben pls


Is fallout good? I’ve never played it.

Personally, it’s one of my favorite series of all-time. It holds more than just entertainment to me, but sentiment.

Objectively, Fallout has always been one of the more popular RPGs, let alone in it’s post-apocalyptic niche. I expect it to be one of the greatest games of 2015/16 (whenever it’s released).

YES, buying. Don’t even care how much it costs at release. Fallout is one of the best game series ever. Hands down.

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I got Fallout 3 for xbox 360 a reeeeeallly in time ago. I remember playing the first 10 minutes so confused… I was in a school thing with this really wierd character face on as like a baby or something, since then I haven’t played it. Think I should give it another try with Fallout 4? I think next time I should really play more than the first 10 minutes for a $60 game before saying it’s boring :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing about Fallout is that, for a new player to the series, there’s a lot of confusion to get around.

You’re plopped into a world that you can’t really relate to. You’ve got to remember that, in this universe, a nuclear holocaust occurred in the late 1970s. The game generally takes place hundreds of years in the future where, while technology has advanced far beyond our own capabilities, not everything has advanced as we have.

Fallout easily has one of the richest stories, funniest moments, pure sardonic and parody moments that no other game can match, in my opinion.

To answer your question; with the way that the Fallout games progress in the story, you could very likely play Fallout 4 without missing anything important from the previous games. But you should really give them all a try. :smile: