Fast Leaf Decay

The only two fast leaf decay mods I’ve found aren’t working on my Sponge Forge server.
I would like a sponge plugin that does the same thing since I’m sure manipulating leaf decay would be easier then trying to get the mods to work on the server,

If the Forge mods don’t work with SpongeForge installed you should report it on GitHub, that way the problem gets resolved.

I still need a work around in the mean time.

While this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, @blood added a config option to allow completely disabling leaf decay.

that’s the exact opposite of what I’m looking for…
Unless that option is in the sponge forge version I’m using and defaults to disabling leaf decay…

Why would it need to default to off? It’s a config option for a reason so update to latest SpongeForge and set leaf-decay to false.

The issue was that it looked like sponge was breaking the fast leaf decay mod.
Turns out I’m just experiencing this issue