FeatherChat - A Sponge plugin that allows simple modification of chat and other messages

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Want to take your server’s chat to the next level? Have pretty, customizable formatting for all your server’s messages? Be able to reuse pieces of text in multiple messages? Then FeatherChat might be what you are looking for!

Just want to have prefixes show up? Then FeatherChat’s default configuration will make that happen, no setup needed.

Features include:

  • HTML-style formatting tags
  • Control over server list ping, join, quit, /stop, chat, and emote (/me) message formats
  • Mute functionality
  • Attach permissions to chatting
  • Simple chat channels functionality, including ranged and permission-based chat broadcasts
  • Send any number of independent MOTD messages to players when they join the server
  • Filter out specific phrases with permission-based overrides
  • Command-based interface for most settings

The wiki has a complete reference to commands and permissions that can be used when setting up the plugin.

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A new version has been released for FeatherChat, it is available for download here.


  • Now published on Ore

  • New MOTD function to send messages of the day to users on login

  • The nameBasedColor variable will no longer provide black or dark gray as colour names.

  • Update to SpongeAPI 7.1.0, including now maintaining the TextXML language.

  • Provide our own implementation of /stop that allows formatting messages and using template parameters

  • Allow formatting server list ping motd

  • Add fully functional support for localization – contributions are welcome at https://crowdin.com/project/featherchat

  • Allow chat filters to be disabled

  • internal: change our build process to use gradle

  • internal: Add preliminary support for Java 11+

  • internal: move to ca.stellardrift namespace to match PEX


  • Properly set the target sink in the player join event, so join messages are routed properly
  • Fix handling of legacy chat color characters within prefix and suffix (since it didn’t work, it was removed in favor of xml)
  • Update for Data API 2 from Sponge (and other changes)
  • Work on modularization (chat and emote interpretation as XML has been temporarily removed)


  • Fix default configuration to be valid XML


  • Initial release