Feature request: Suspend ticking to fix problems?

I don’t know if it is possible to make feature requests at this time, but as a MC server admin I’ve frequently run into problems where a Minecraft server keeps crashing due to some mod’s block ticking or client packet overflow error.

Right now I’ve got an FTB Unleashed server with an explosion occurring in a chunk, sending so many explosion sound packets to the client that it instantly kicks off anyone who gets anywhere near it with disconnect.overflow. Including me as the op/admin. I don’t see any way to fix it other than basically deleting that entire region file.

Is it feasible to provide us server admins a way to suspend all ticking, perhaps via a command line option, so that we can enter the world as a player in a frozen land, and use Creative Mode or WorldEdit to repair or remove the malfunctioning objects?

You should try the use of /stoplag from WorldGuard. It may just work for you. /stoplag -c to disable it

Thanks for the suggestion but nope, /stoplag didn’t help. There’s still a massive explosion happening anyway, with a particle and sound event storm so intense is causes my frames per sec to drop to zero and I get disconnected.

After much fooling around trying to edit the world with MCEdit and wading through a sea of purple blocks and trying to decipher the block metadata, I’m at the point of deleting the affected MC 1.5.2 region file and giving up.

It would be nice if the server could offer admin override functions to:

  • disable explosions
  • disable particles
  • disable sound events
  • disable all block ticking

Without that, I am sunk, I can’t do anything to fix this.

I’ve heard some good things about pTweaks, especially chunk optimization/explosion rendering, give it a try.