Figure out if a block is replaceable

When a user right-clicks a certain type of block while holding a block in the hand, depending on the type (or state?) of the right-clicked block on the ground, the held block is placed either on it’s side (eg.: stone, dirt, …), or replaces the block on the ground (eg.: snow layer, tall grass, …). How can I figure out, how it will behave?

Additionally, is it also possible to figure out whether a block would be placed when a user right-clicks it? When a user right-clicks a lever or a button, the held block isn’t placed.

There is a property called ReplaceableProperty for this purpose.

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Thanks, that works perfectly. Just one more thing:

The only way to tell is to observe the action when an interaction is made.
You can simulate a player’s actions using methods like interactBlock from InteractableVolume. (Once is merged)
Be sure to cancel the events caused by the simulation if you don’t want to make any changes to the world

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