Find a solution for worldedit! (FAWE won't copy unloaded chunks)

Hello there!

I’m here to ask help for a severe problem with WorldEdit :

I don’t know how to improve performance!

I have a modded Sponge Forge server.
When i try to copy anything (or use //regen to regen chunk), it takes a very long time and may kick players / crash the server.
Also, I know about FAWE, and when i do //regen it takes 2 seconds and copy paste is very quick.

BUT (I wouldn’t need to create this post if i didn’t have a ‘but’ ahah)

When i try to copy paste too many blocks/chunks with FAWE, it doesn’t paste any chunks which are unloaded when I do the copy command.

If anyone has an idea how to either:

  • Make WorldEdit copy paste / regen command without crashing the server
  • Make FAWE copy paste all blocks (force chunk load)

I will try to set the view distance in bigger, but its not a permanent solution ^^
Thanks for the help !