First Day in Minecraft

Hi there !
**You are probably a dev or even server admin or just simple curious minecraft player but we are all related in one thing We play Minecraft ( nothing new i know ) !
So i don’t know if you do guys rememmber your first day in minecraft ( i do )
So i started by having performance issues ( Best Start Worldwide) . after fixing it i was surprised by this game that seemed so different from the other ! my first discovery was a cubic chicken …
I started walking with no objective at all, listing to the peacful music and watching sun going down (feels :3 )
Then the nightmare begin, i found myself in jungle, and the only thing i saw there were the red eyes of at least 4 spiders killing me ! and i died …the end …
Just tell me your Story in the Comment i would like to know it = )
PS : Sorry if you having problem with my english level …

Long, long ago, back when Minecraft Xbox was just released. I played the Tutorial world with my brother and screamed when a cow spawned in my house, because I thought it was a monster. :smiley:

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Well, is started with beta 1.2 one day before b1.3. It was a awesome feeling, better than now … I started searching for Iron. I took me 2 reallife days to find it,arghhglh. Building Mobtraps, Houses on spiky hills and minecart tracks. It was the best game ever. :slight_smile:

I started on MC alpha, a few weeks before the Halloween update that added the Nether. This was before creative mode, and you could do things like drop your tool to reset its durability. No player health on multiplayer I think.

I only got into Minecraft because my friends kept asking me to start up a server, but I had not yet owned MC yet. Played a little classic long before but I didn’t like classic.


A long time ago, in a land far away (no, really, I lived on the West coast at the time), I received credentials for a Minecraft account from a friend. I played pre-Halloween alpha singleplayer and instantly fell in love with it. I punched trees, made crafting tables, created makeshift tools from rock taken from a hillside and splinters of wood. I made a house of sand with a cobblestone roof and invited a chicken inside. I started a large cobblestone mining operation, and encountered many a creeper.

Then, the world went corrupt, in one of alpha’s many world-corrupting glitches.

Not letting something as petty as a bug stop me, I started a new world. This time, I built a bigger sand house with a bigger cobblestone roof and even made some clay bricks. I started a new cobblestone mine, I got creepered some more, and didn’t manage to accomplish too much.

I took a rather lengthy visit to the Minecraft Wiki, and read up on how the game worked and what you could do for an hour or so. With my newfound knowledge, I eagerly pressed the ‘World 2’ button, and was presented with a crash report.

Angrily, I sent an email to Notch about the bug, and started yet another new world.
But I was no longer mad. This world was one of the most amazing yet.
Next to the spawn was a very large cavern through a mountain, and I knew as soon as I saw it that would be my house.
Utilizing my new wiki-borne knowledge, I built up a furnace room, made some more clay bricks, made a mine complete with rail line, and stairs. I also attempted to build a pitfall trap around the entrances to try to prevent creepers from ambushing me in the night, as they had a habit of doing.

I bet you can’t guess what happened the next day.
I tried to log in to World 3, and was presented with my arch nemesis: a crash report.

I closed out of the game, and opted to build and script some in Roblox, a game that wouldn’t delete my worlds every time I got some progress done.

There’s my story. =P I may have been a bit over-dramatic, and it may be a bit long, but I read the “Long, long ago” on ColonelHedgehog’s post and just had to write it like a story. Afterwards, I started a small vanilla server, installed hMod, then moved to Bukkit, started making plugins, and the rest is history.

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I Started on 1.2.5 (yea i missed so much fun in betas/alphas :smiley: ) I Started on Creative (missed survival’s fun too :smiley: ) I immediately switch to peaceful because i think its on other modes, pigs,cows are gonna kill me :smile: I Just made useless lakes, more useless lakes, a house that you can escape by breaking the floor etc. etc. But It was fun :smiley: (I Still remember those days when the first music i heard starts in minecraft :slight_smile: )

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I started shortly after release of beta 1.1_02 in january 2011.
Me and a couple of friend had a server since the first day just to play together and build houses, railways and other things … but those damn creepers :frowning:
Compared to the current version of MC I think it was harder to acquire tools, build something and survive the night on a new world :speak_no_evil:

My first day in Minecraft, it wasn’t a very productive day in Minecraft. I was at my mates house and he went out of the room and left Minecraft on the screen, me being a pre-pubescent CoD playing 11 nearly 12 year old called my friend gay for playing Minecraft…But then I grabbed his laptop while he was out of the room and gave Minecraft a shot. I spawned into a new world and looked and the ground and started digging the dirt, then I hit stone and I was mining the stone with my fist I got really annoyed not knowing what to do. So I waited until my mate got back and he saw me just hitting things, he called me a f*$%#$@ idiot, I didn’t know what he was on about. He told me I needed to go get wood and make a pickaxe, so I did and me and my mate were addicted to Minecraft for 5 days straight, not getting much sleep at all…

That is my story :slight_smile:

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Although I don’t remember my very first day of MineCraft, I do remember the exact moment that I wanted to play. I accidentally mis-clicked on a video in the Recommended Videos section of YouTube. It would be an exaggeration to say that if it hadn’t been for that slight mis-click that I never would’ve played MineCraft but it definitely helped.

Here’s the video.


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I started a long long time ago. Back in June 2009 when Minecraft was in version Classic 0.0.20, JUST after sponges were introduced :smile: I was shown this awesome new game by a couple of friends, Vetle and Pengu1n. I remember the purchase counter being on 185 purchases when I bought it, I guess making me #186 :open_mouth: Can’t believe how much Minecraft has evolved since then.

So more than 2 years ago I played minecraft a ton however I did this on a cracked client. Me and my friends made hamachi servers and we all hung out together. Eventually I bought myself a premium account and have been playing ever since.

That’s almost exactly when I started too! Remember when inventories were modifiable client side? Or when leaves didn’t despawn? Good times.

I started after having refused several times. If I remember correctly I told my friend “I don’t play games with craft in them because they are usually addicting.” That was beta 1.7.

I created a hole in a mountain and spent allot of time happily collecting cobblestone. After I died I never found that hole in the wall but the experience just made me want to play more.

Wasn’t long before my friend got tired of the game and closed his server. That’s when I started reading up on CB and BigBrother.

I just loaded up and took a journey through my first world (Beta 1.3-1.7), not too much to see as I was mainly playing multiplayer, but it’s still nice to have a look at. (Yes, the giant rail line was from when I discovered invedit, those were the days.) I’m still quite fond of my base-in-a-hill, I think I did pretty well for someone who knew almost nothing about the game.
(The Iron Blocks/Millenaire were from 1.7, 1.3 is the dirt+cobble+glass+glowstone section)

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Respect if this was your first world, i’ve seen worst a lot worst ( dirt cough* dirt )
Thanks everyone for sharing it’s cool to know how it started =)

I started to play minecraft pretty much right when the beta came out for the game at the end of 2010(It was December 20-22nd 2010 if I remember correctly.). And I started a server for it a few days later on hmod, which didn’t take very long before I had to move over to bukkit. I however don’t really remember exactly what brought me to minecraft in the first place.

I started playing around beta 1.7 (3 years ago). One day i was just doing work on my pc and the name minecraft popped into my head for no reason. After that i remembered that my older brother used to play a lot during alpha so i decided to start playing. Shortly after that i showed a few of my friends the game and started a server that has grown really far but recently i had to shut it down for 3 months which ended up with everyone leaving.

I started playing an cracked 1.4.7 version and lost my house 7 times with dying, never found redstone, never found diamond, and gave up. Than a friend invited me to his server. So I figured out what bukkit was and learned how to setup permission. After that I downloaded (again cracked version of tekkit). And yeah … Single play becomes boring at some point. So after that I finally bought minecraft and played months “Tekkit Lite” on griefing server TheBlackDeath. Than I started my own server, learned how to make plugins, learned how to make mods, quit server, patching bugs on thefantasycraft. And now i play Direwolf20 day in day out and basically don’t do shit. Wait wasn’t that my life story ?

June 11th, 2009.

I didn’t understand the game at first (classic only at this time) so I made an account and hopped on some servers and followed people around. The Great Pyramid/Castle, various OceanBuild and CityBuild servers, JTE’s, Goldendeed’s and some others were my first servers.

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I got the cracked launcher for 1.5.x and played creative built bedrock houses, complex redstone, command blocks, ect.