First Time trying to Boot Sponge Up : First Errors too

So thats my log from my last run. I have to say, I am completely ignorant about code and programming, but if I can get pointed to what the problem is and how to find the solution, suffice it to say, Ill be happy with that. Be nice to know how to solve these issues in the future. So, pointers please? =D

No, no, no, Java has no pointers, just references.

Bad jokes aside, it looks like some kind of mixin bug, make sure you have the right versions of sponge & forge. Anyway, mixin is @mumfrey’s domain…

Best pun of the year…

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Ah, you have Moving World.
Could you try using SpongeBootrap? I hope it fixes these issues

I noticed this at the top of the log:

``04.05 16:46:36 [Server] main/INFO [FML]: Loading tweaker
org.spongepowered.asm.launch.MixinTweaker from

04.05 16:46:36 [Server] main/INFO [FML]: Loading tweaker
org.spongepowered.asm.launch.MixinTweaker from

Maybe multiple Sponge versions installed? Also both builds are fairly old! :wink:

Can you post a list of the Mods (and especially their versions) you’re running? The forge and SpongeForge version are important to know.

I noticed this as well when I was going through my files and noted it for adjustment. Though the later of those 2 I just downloaded the other day was the most recommended build.

Download latest builds. I believe there’s a bug with the recommended button. Furthermore, delete all other versions of sponge you have running, otherwise they’ll conflict.

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