First time trying to use Sponge- server crashes

Any idea why the server is not working? Everything was working until I added the spongeforge into the mix

Pastebin of logs

MDECore (being alphabetically above Sponge) is loading before Sponge and breaking mixins, try renaming the SpongeForge jar and prefixing it with a number so that it gets loaded first, if it still errors then post that log

Pastebin of error

Thanks for helping me out! I renamed the jar file and got another error.

DummyCore seems like a messy coremod/API and is erroring, unfortunately you need it for ThaumicBases, so you will either have to get the author of DummyCore to fix his API or remove both of those mods

Thank you, this resolved my problem!

If you encounter these problems in the future, you may want to try the SpongeBootstrap I made which hopefully will get around these issues.