Fixed Player Inventories, Automatic TP To Spawn, and BungeePortals


I’m running 3 Sponge servers connected with BungeeCord and I was wondering if any of these plugins existed for Sponge:

  • A plugin that gives a player items upon their first join and doesn’t allow them to modify their inventory
  • A plugin that automatically teleports a player to spawn upon join
  • A plugin that creates portals that “teleport” you to other servers



Also, maybe a plugin that assigns commands to items?


For the first two, and maybe the fourth, try Nucleus. There’s plenty of helpful documentation.

In the third case, how about Project Portals?


This might just be me being stupid (probably is) but I can’t seem to find anything in the Nucleus documentation about fixed inventories or automatically teleporting to spawn.


Actually, that’s two separate things. There’s a firstjoinkit, which I believe can be automatically delivered to new players. Stopping them from modifying their inventory is a lot harder - even Adventure mode is friendlier. That would rule out pickups, drops, crafting, chest interactions, and maybe even eating food. I’m not sure I know of any plugin with that kind of extreme inventory lockdown.

I know there’s a way to force players to return to spawn on login (nucleus.spawn.other.offline) but I’m not sure if there is a way to force it globally. I’ll have a rummage in the config file…

EDIT: Yes.

If true, players will be sent to the default world spawn on login, unless they are sent to the first login spawn, or they have the “nucleus.spawn.exempt.onjoin” permission.


Sweet, thanks. I was looking in the modules section on, not the config. I don’t need to completely fix the inventory, but the problem is that my spawn is floating above the void and they can just throw items off the edge. I might try using a command block under spawn that clears the inventory and gives the player a kit when powered. Also, it looks like CommandBooks is compatible with kits, so I can assign commands to books and put them in kits.


I’m guessing you want this in order to create a lobby like server?



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Sorry I missed this reply, Now the inventory changes are starting to be merged it, making a plugin that affects a server globally, and makes it impossible to modify your inventory without a permission should be rather easy to create.

Try requesting it in the Plugin Request section.