[Fixed] Topic Loading Time - Mobile

I’m not able to load any topics on my mobile phone (wifi or data connection). I first encountered this problem 3 or 4 weeks ago. Before that point, the forums were always loading quickly on my mobile phone.

The ‘Latest Topics’ and ‘Categories’ view does load, but not the topics.

Please look into this, it’s important for me to use the forum on my mobile phone!

Nokia Lumia 520, Windows Phone 8.1, Internet Explorer

Continuing the discussion from Is it just me or does the forums take awhile to load?:

Same on iOS. It’s definitely broken on Safari, but it seems to work okay-ish on Chrome. Seems most people have problems with both browsers though. Pretty annoying.

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as stated on this thread, this is a discourse issue.


Happens to me too, but seems to happen only if you are logged in…

As a guest is just works fine…

That’s true. When I log out, it works just fine!

This would explain why I can get it to work on Chrome on mobile, but not Safari. I don’t sign in on the former.

Issue fixed on Windows Phone 8.1