Focus on Essentials-S

What would you like to see come to essentials-s first? If i have missed something or you want something clarifying then please comment below

  • Documentation of current abilities and configuration in plugin
  • Economy based commands (/sell, /worth, /auction, etc)
  • Player visual based commands (/vanish, /glow, /ignite, etc)
  • fun commands (/kittycannon and more)
  • God complex commands (/godmode, /demigodmode, /health, /feed)
  • Vanilla message overrides (ability to change X joined the server)
  • built in placeholders (player language, joined date, etc)
  • kit commands
  • Configuration options (join commands)
  • web hooks (discord integration)
  • Nucleus API integration (plugins that require Nucleus would hopefully be able to hook into Essentials-S without any code change)

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Hi, MoseMister! It’s really good that someone is taking on such an important plugin of stuff for Sponge. The EOL of Nucleus is a great loss to our not-so-great community. It would be nice to find a good name for the project. I honestly don’t like Essentials-S name. Specifically this dash in the name, and if you remove it two letters “S” just merge, Java package names because of this look ugly, double “S” is obtained. The name is spelled differently everywhere, even in this thread you misspelled one “S”. The second point is about GitHub repositories. I think you should pick better names for them, because it’s pretty weird to see the “Implementation” and “API” folders when cloning a plugin to local PC. I understand the point of separating into API and implementation, about the same as in Sponge, but the names should still be changed. I think such a large plugin should look serious and presentable if you want to claim to replace Nucleus. It’s just my IMHO.

Thats fair. The essentials-s name came from this forums with many posts looking for a essentials plugin. I cant have essentials on its own as the original essentials plugin took that. But with the modern version on bukkit being x i thought to take on the s side of things. But i actually come from a time where there was just 1 essentials plugin and i skipped the essentialsX time, so in my head they are all just the same (hence the typo).

As for a name change (even if it is just the -s or dropping the -) im open to suggestions, especially before the full release of essentials-s where im willing to make big changes to the api side of things (maybe a bit hard on the plugin id side of things as ore registers your plugin by its id).

As for the github. Implementation was going to be called Core but I felt like it could be misinterpreted whereby someone who just wants to hook their plugin into essentials-s may think its a required part as well as the API. But once again im more then happy to take on suggestions.