[For Hire] Me4502, Skilled Professional Java Developer with 10+ Years Experience [WorldEdit, CraftBook, Sponge, and More]

Note: I do significantly less commission work now due to time restraints. If you have a smaller plugin you need and are willing to pay the below rates, I may still consider doing the work.


I do paid plugin commission work, and have been doing it since 2012. I’ve been using Java since 2010, and programming since 2006. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with minors in Artificial Intelligence and Security.

I’ve been with Sponge since the discussions in #nextstep, and make heavily customizable plugins to the specifications of the customer.

Public Experience

I am the lead developer of the popular plugins WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and CraftBook, and one of the Sponge developers. I have also contributed to numerous projects in the past, such as Essentials, and many more. My public GitHub showcases more work I have done, which stems beyond server plugins.

Previous Commissions

I have previously done work for many large servers, plugins, and YouTubers. For a full list of my previous Minecraft work, see here.

The comments of this section also include feedback from previous Sponge commissions. If I’ve done a good job, it’d be appreciated if you leave a recommendation in the comments :slight_smile:


My rate generally ranges from $70-$90 USD/hr, depending on the project. I can give a better quote once told the specifics.

For large projects, I can do flat rates, and generally offer a discount from the standard rate when doing hourly. The first two hours will be at the standard rate, however.

Minimum charge is for two hours.


I guarantee a fast turnaround, quotes before starting, quality final products and free support forever. The free support is limited to the product no longer working, or bugs that prevent the plugin from meeting the initial specifications. If extra features are required at a later date, further payment will be required.

Terms are negotiable.


Please use a contact method listed on my contact page. Please do not discuss what you want made here.


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Great Dev! Works well and fast and whenever an issue arises in the custom plugin, he works instantly to fix the problem. Pricing for the plugins are great as well. I would recommend me4502 as a dev for anyone who is looking for custom plugins on their server!

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