Forge 1.8.9 break 1.8?

Hi ! I see the sponge update in 1.8.9, but whats the consequences of this update?

  • Break sponge plugin ?
  • Break mod 1.8?
    Thanks for anwser ^^"
  • Forge Mods will probably need to be updated to 1.8.9. Anything that relies on NMS is likely to break.
  • Sponge plugins rely on the SpongeAPI, which has not changed significantly, so they should still function.
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Thanks, so i cant update cause pixelmon in 1.8 :frowning: why this upgrade is now ? Its not very a problem but we must stay in 1.8 at the moment ^^

No plugins should break. The API has only had a few minor additions, any breaking changes are slated for the next API release (4.0 which resides in bleeding). Any plugins breaking would be the result of them using minecraft internals to make their plugin work while the API is still being implemented.

Mods that are built around 1.8, yes will break. Mods written for 1.8.9 will not break. [quote=“Flashback083, post:3, topic:10765”]
why this upgrade is now ?
It was decided over a month ago that we’d be updating to 1.8.8/1.8.9 shortly after the new year. Considering most all of the game breaking bugs have been fixed on Forge’s end, we felt it necessary to put our foot forward and build off Forge 1.8.9 instead of the now stagnant development of 1.8.

If I remember correctly, @clienthax mentioned at one point that soon after SpongeForge updates to 1.8.9, he’d be getting Pixelmon upgraded to 1.8.9.


Thanks so much ! I understand better now :wink:
And last question : sponge plugin build for 1.8.9 still work on 1.8 ?
Thanks again i love this helping community :smiley:

Current SpongeForge 1.8 and 1.8.9 builds both use the 3.1.x API, so yes plugins will work on both platforms. However i expect this to change, when we release API 4.0.0 on Forge 1.8.9. API 4.0.0 won’t be fully backwards compatible.


yep, @clienthax has a PR for recent 1.8.9 mappings (ie snapshot_20160112) and Forge 1695