Forge 1.8.9+SpongeForge+BungeeCord it's possible?

Hi , I wonder if there is a way to make a bungeecord and spongeforge? If so how I can not find .

It’s definitely possible, as Bungee Cord works with forge, but I’m not sure how.

Turn on the bungee cord module in sponge’s global.conf which can be found in ./config/sponge/

It’s possible, we also have special bungee support. However you need to either use Waterfall (a bungee fork), patch your bungee instance or use a bungee plugin if you’re planning to run a mixed environment (SpongeForge + Spigot or similar setups)
Also have a look at:

Just a small addition: If you wanna use IP-Forwarding, you will need “Spongepls”
It enables IP forwarding support for Sponge servers on BungeeCord.
You may use Waterfall, but If you want a BungeeCord that doesn’t contain custom fixes/addittions, you can use HexaCord. It’s the original BungeeCord but with Forge and 1.7 support included.

We are running this setup on a 180 player network and it’s working fine.
spigot 1.8, 1.9 servers, cauldron 1.7.10 and sponge 1.8